Monday, August 31, 2009


Engel realized his parent's pattern in terms of asking about his love life. Before, they usually ask him about his plans of getting married when they're alone together. During those times Engel would release his rage about them minding his business. So now, what they would do is ask about his lovelife (or lack of it) when they have visitors. That's the time that Engel has to be polite and not go berserk on the idea.

They did it again yesterday. His cousin was visiting their home from the province. As usual, the cousin would often ask him why he's still not married yet. She's just a couple of years younger, and in the province, if you're still single at Engel's age, you're already considered a loser. Makes one wonder why people from the province tend to want to settle down younger.

Anyway, so there they all were gathered in the dining room quietly eating lunch when suddenly...

COUSIN: Engel, when will you introduce us to your girlfriend?
ENGEL: I have none.
COUSIN: But why?!
ENGEL: I'm not looking.
COUSIN: Don't you have plans of getting married soon?
MOTHER: Yeah Engel's cousin, you ask my son about his plans.
ENGEL: That's not a priority right now.
COUSIN: Almost all of us have families now, and we're happy. Don't you want that for yourself?
ENGEL: At the moment, no. I like being single. And I haven't met anyone yet.
COUSIN: What about your 'kinakapatid?'
ENGEL: Which one?
MOTHER: SM. From the States.
COUSIN: Yeah, she seems pretty.
MOTHER: And she's rich and sexy and her parents really like you and...
ENGEL: she's autistic!!! she doesn't talk to people, she's afraid of the stairs and she has her own world. No.
COUSIN: I remember when you were younger, you had a girlfriend...
ENGEL: How young? In pre-school. I don't even remember Katrina's last name. The girlfriend I had in high school's already married with 2 children and she's fat.
MOTHER: What about the girl Ate Virgie was telling you to date...
ENGEL: Mama, the only thing we have in common is our hate for the way our mothers are trying to set us up with total strangers.
COUSIN: So you really aren't looking for anyone right now?
ENGEL: Like I said, not a priority.

If they only knew.

Engel hates relatives staying in their place. The decision to move out is becoming really really tempting.


Anonymous said...

"Makes one wonder why people from the province tend to want to settle down younger" - me too, haha.

when asked with the same question by either my parents or relatives, i usually say, "nagpapayaman muna" or "it's at the least of my priorities" tapos lakad ako palayo, haha.

and yeah, If they only knew. *wink wink*

hugh said...

everytime my mother would ask me the same question, my answer is always, "Wala, bata pa ko."

then i'll find a way to walk-out. lol.

Knox Galen said...

Good thing, no one in my extended family doesn't want to settle down. At least, no one is asking when will I get married.

theLastJedi said...

' hmmm.. an annoying predicament indeed.. there are bound to know sooner or later, why not tell them about it? well, not mah business.. silly suggestion..
- anyway, im sure you'll endure all of dz.. but man, u'r tough, juz so admirable..

boy android said...

i'm glad my parents don't bug me about that. an aunt does though but i only get to talk to her once a year. sinasagot ko na lang 'magpapayaman pa ako'. lol.

Goodboi said...

I wonder why my mom seems different from all your moms. I for one was never asked about anything related to love. Except for my sister who told me that mom told her once, "Sana huwag muna siya mag-asawa." - when I introducted my girl bestfriend to the family. Weird.

domjullian said...

moms always ask that pero pag may dinala ka, di nila gusto.they're so confusing

Anonymous said...

bakit b kasi namimilit kung ayaw p ng tao mag-asawa. ang hirap talaga magpalaki ng magulang!

cb :: 林偉文 said...

ugh, i hate nosey relatives. my parents don't ask na because i usually have a handful of excuses parati.. haha if they only knew *wink wink*

xtian1978ii said...

they used to ask me everytime may gf ako. pero pag wala hindi naman sila nagtatanong.