Thursday, August 20, 2009


Engel is seriously considering finally moving out of his family's home. The parents have been nagging about moving to the province and selling the house to his grandmother in the States. The mother actually even paid her cousin the downpayment for the lot in the province.

So now he's thinking of leaving before the sale happens. He's already moved out before when his job demanded him to stay in a different city farther from where he lived. The move back then was fun for Engel, because of the freedom he had. And he lived with people he liked and was comfortable with. And now he's thinking of moving out again.

He's thinking of a small apartment or a room that's near where he works in Makati. But he still needs to see if that would be feasible given his schedule starting next month. Travelling from Parañaque to Makati in the afternoon is usually a pain in the ass. Much worse if it's early in the evening, so living closer to his office would be an advantage.

Living solo has it's perks, and he knows that very well. He enjoyed the freedom he had two years ago when he was away from the prying eyes of his family. No parents that will be barking orders or chores he does not want to do. He will be away from visiting families enquiring why he still has no family yet.

Although he feels a bit anxious as the move will be different from before. He's not moving in with his friends, he'll be alone this time and there's no guarantee that he'd be fine living independently.

He thinks he's being paid fine by the company he's working for, and the changes with his career that'll be coming would also guarantee him a few more pesos to his salary that may be enough to pay for rent (if he then decides to pursue with the move).

Engel is still weighing things with his job and his life. The decision may not even be made before the year ends. He might even decide to not move at all. He just wants to have options as early as now.

Options are always welcome.


xtian1978ii said...

It's kind of scary at first dude but when you get the hang of it everything will be ok.

I'm been living by myself since I was in college. I go home from time to time to visit them.

Living alone makes me more responsible. Freedom is one of the perks, I agree.

I think you'll be ok living by yourself.

charmedwishes said...

I think you should go for it! If only I can move out and live on my own, I would. The problem is that I support my family and right now, being on my own is not a possibility. If I had my own pad, I can decorate it the way I want it to look, I can have friends over and I will have the independence I have always wanted to experience. Pray and ask God for the answer, that works for me.

domjullian said...
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domjullian said...

Move out but keep in touch with your family. Nakaka miss din minsan lahat ng nagging at family blues once ur out of the house. I tried moving out once but I was unsuccessful because I have a child to take care all by myself. Goodluck!

Anonymous said...

Go for it, if you must. But only for the right reasons. Cheers!

Goodboi said...

It is one of the most important stages that we all must go through, that is, to move out of our folk's place, live alone and be independent.

The sooner we experience it, the better we will be in handling life's tremendous challenges.

Just don't hesitate. G'luck!

wanderingcommuter said...

my suggestions do put a list of the advantages and disadvantages of moving out para may nakikita ka in order to make a feasible and good decision.

The Scud said...

katulad ng ibang mga bagay, living alone has its pros and cons. if you have the extra cash then go find yourself a new place. one with good security. perhaps a condo?