Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Mistakes you make can always be worked out. The mistakes you don't make because you do nothing, because you don't try, you don't risk. Those are the ones that haunt you when you get old.

Engel just wants to share with his dear readers, a quote he read earlier when he was trying to get himself to sleep. But then he realized that this applies to what happened to him yesterday.

On his way to work, he got to wait for a shuttle with this hot geeky yuppy. Engel's semi-autistic, specially when he's got his music plugged in, but he did notice the yuppy looking at him. So he stared back.

The yuppy asked for the time, which Engel responded to. Engel went back to listening to Snow Patrol, when the yuppy asked something again. Engel pulled out the earphones.

"Where are you off to?" the yuppy asked.

"Work. You?" Engel asked.

"Just got out of it. I'm on my way home."

"Ahh. You taking the fx? You could join me." Engel invited.

"Okay. I'm just off a few blocks from here though. But you can come with me." the yuppy said.

He took a look at the yuppy again. He was really hot. Tan, chinky eyes. He actually looks like a model. He wanted to say yes, but...

"I'm sorry, I really have to go to work tonight, I'm actually already late."

Then the yuppy got off. Engel didn't even get the number. He's now beating himself up letting an opportunity like that pass him by. He normally doesn't pass up on those kind of things.

But then again, if he did join the cute yuppy, he could've been awarded with great sex and a warning at work for being late on a critical work month.

He's still beating himself up senseless though.



xtian1978ii said...

ganun talaga minsan. may next time pa naman.

charmedwishes said...

well, better luck next time. hey, di kita binobola ha?

charmedwishes said...

take care always! good luck, malay mo diba magkita ulit kayo.

wanderingcommuter said...

engel dont be sad. like what theyve said there always other chances...

ash said...

a reasonable mistake? :)

engel said...

ash: all things considered, guess so...

wc: engel is not sad =)

charmed: thanks thanks.

xtian: hopefully, the next time, engel's on his way home as well... lolz