Friday, August 14, 2009


WARNING: Explicit content. Author is pissed off.

Engel is a patient man. His thread of patience is very long. But when it comes to incompetence (specially if the incompetence is from a superior), the thread of patience goes poof. Byebye. Non-existent.

He is a diligent employee. He volunteers for overtime work. He could even go for a seven-day work week because he knows that the hardwork is more than compensated. But when his diligence is abused... fuck, he'll blog about it (for now he'll just wait come time for the boss' evaluation).

So where to start? How about how the guy is such a dumbass. The hiring process for Leaders in this good company Engel is working for is starting to get doubtful They're really strict when choosing which people to hire for rank and file, but when hiring competent people to lead their teams, they miss big time. BIG TIME!!! The team's had a change of leadership twice this year. The first one was because the leader didn't know how to handle his people, while the new one (the boss now) doesn't know anything at all.

The effing retard makes simple thing complicated. He has to be reminded multiple times to do his job right. He talks too much, but does not follow through with action, in short what comes out of his mouth are full and utter crap. He always sleeps on the floor. Oh, and he's tactless too (he lambasts gay people in front of my lesbian colleague). Nobody in the office likes him. Incompetent. Inconsistent. Insufferable.

On the bright side, there are things (no matter how trivial) Engel is thankful for having an idiot lead the team. Because he is what he is: 1) the team became efficient because no one wanted to ask him questions. They only ask each other. 2) Engel learned to be punctual. Not that he's late, but now he only comes to work 5 minutes before the start of the day, because he doesn't want to talk to the boss when he comes in early. 3) The team improved on their stealth skills and creativity to avoid having to hang out with the boss during break times. 4) The once broken team, finally became united. They finally found one thing in common. They all hated the fat bastard!!!

Okay. Inhale. Exhale.

Engel is good now.


Knox Galen said...

Hala!! I wonder how dumbass your team lead is.

Remember dude, sometimes politics gets in a the way of choosing the right people.

the closet gentleman said...

I doubt politics has something to do with it... the guy got hired as a lead and was not promoted...

dumbass recruitment prolly got charmed by his nonsense jibberish...