Friday, August 21, 2009


Engel is thinking of something to post under 30 minutes before he starts his work. So he thought to ask a few questions. Some of the answers will help him out in dealing with thed dilemmas in his life:

-What should he do regarding this guy he dated who's been nagging him to sleep with him? He's not feeling the guy, specially after he realized that he only really wanted to get laid and not get into something else?

-There is a slight chance that the move to the new Operating Unit from where he works may not be given to him: how should he take that in when he's already psyched himself up for the upcoming changes?

-Engel will do something like a double-shift from his work today til tomorrow, what should he do to keep himself awake the entire time?!

-Where in the world can Engel find decent people to date these days?!

Don't take this as Engel feeling down again, he just wanted to post something before he starts work today. But he will try to make up later?

Please help him out though!!!


charmedwishes said...

hi engel! regarding your questions, if you don't like the guy, better be upfront with him. don't lead him on. not only is it not nice, its also bad karma. kaw rin baka bumalik yan sayo. dun sa second, remember the old saying, don't count chickens until the eggs hasn't hatched? yun po. to keep awake, you need starbuck's help, hehehe. you know what i mean. and your last question, where will you meet a decent guy these days? that's also something i want to know myself. pag nalaman mo, tell me ha? hehehehe.

MakMak said...

Dunno how to answer your questions pero abangan ko na lang yung mga sasagot lalo na dun sa huling tanong. Haha. :-)

Goodboi said...

Just calm down and leave those questions hanging for a while. I tell you, answers will just come in the rarest occasion you can find. :-)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

You might want to tell Engle that:

1. If he doesn't feel up to it, then don't.

2. Lemons can always be turned into lemonade, if you get my drift ;)

3. Caffeine i.v. teehee

4. It's out there. Just learn to seprate the curds from the whey :D

xtian1978ii said...

kanina may nakatabi ako sa bus. nice sya kaso taken na ako.