Thursday, August 27, 2009


Back in the haydays of Engel's active blogging on his other home, he's met dozens of people online. A few he met personally and became good friends with. There are those who gets his number and often texts him quotes. Others he chat with on YM if he's not busy or if he's not being ignored. And rarely, someone will stalk him, add him in all his social networking sites and leave creepy messages on it.

Engel's got one creepy stalker. That blogger seemed cool at first glance as he was writes some pretty cool stuff on his homepage. One time he left a comment in one of Engel's post, so as a sign good faith, he also left one on one of this blogger's post. That was one of his biggest mistakes.

A few minutes after the comment was posted, Engel received an add contact invite in his ym. It was unfamiliar, so when Engel asked who it was the blogger introduced himself. During that time, Engel didn't know alot of people in the medium so he was kind of excited to meet a new one. He entertained the blogger when asked about himself (his work, likes, things they may have in common).

And then an invite to add that person in facebook came. When Engel saw the face behind the blogger, he kind of got turned off. The blogger was definitely not his type. He dismissed the idea as he can't even give it any consideration because he was straight in his former blog. But he still entertained the blogger, new friends are always welcome.

The next day the blogger chatted with Engel again. He's mostly at home and has the luxury of time. Engel was at work back then. The common hi's and hello's were exchanged. But then this guy started sending messages about him being in heat, horny and wanting to wank himself. Engel doesn't like those kinds of messages, specially from strangers and most importantly when he's at work. So he let the blogger down.

After that, he started to ignore the guy everytime a chat invite was initiated. The blogger realizing that Engel's starting to ignore him just stopped. But since they were contacts in Facebook, anytime that Engel posts an update that's kind of dirty, the guy puts unnecessary and off comments.

The last straw was earlier this week. Engel was very busy at work when the blogger initiated another chat. He was advised of the writer's being hard at work, but the blogger was insistent, he said he was really in heat. The message was ignored, the messenger was closed and Engel removed the guy from his contacts.

He knows that he's not the only person that the blogger is harassing. When he updated his status on FB, a fellow blogger noticed that they only had 6 friends in common unlike the 7 before. He knew who Engel deleted, and said that he too was harassed by that blogger. Another friend also warned Engel about that guy, when during their ym chats, Engel enquired about the stalker because he often leaves comment on said friend.

Engel's not going to name names as he thinks some of the people who visit this blog know him. He sees the link in their blogs.

Engel does not intend to badmouth the blogger since he may not be like that with other people. It's just he's creepy.


master said...

just be careful next time, at least you did not actually meet this guy in person. probably this guy was really into you or he was just being a pesky, hoping you would "give in". anyway, take care always!

charmedwishes said...

The comment above is actually mine! my brother forgot to log-out from his gmail, i did't realize it immediately. just in case you were wondering who posted that comment, hehehehe

charmedwishes said...

hello engel! bakit naman kawawa yung poddle? ang cute nga eh. what happened to your dog?

Knox Galen said...

I wonder who that blogger was. and I wonder too whether that blogger is connected to me or not. Creepy indeed.

charmedwishes said...

hala, di naman. siguro happy rin yung dog kasi ang ganda nya. ano ba yan, bakit naman nabaril yung dog mo? How gruesome! you can send instant messages pala sakin sa Don't worry, I am not a stalker, hehehehe

engel said...

knox: i checked your links. he's not there. i'm not sure though if i've seen him post a comment in your blog. a friend of yours knows him though.

cw: my poodle died. just missed the darned dog.

domjullian said...

you must be ultra handsome. sometimes, it pays to be suplado.

Cloud said...

naintriga tuloy ako kung sino yang stalker na yan.

take care bro.

Anonymous said...

Easy lang yan.

Go permanently invi on him in YM, delete his contact (but make sure you rememebr his i.d.), then block him.

Same thing in Face book, you can delete then block him, too.

End of problem hehe

MkSurf8 said...

hala may stalker trait pa naman ako. hahaha

ingat na lang! =)

ash said...

give him his own dose of medicine. :p

engel said...

ash: how?

mksurf8: di mo alam, ikaw actually yung tinutukoy ko. =P

anonymous: thanks for the tip. will do that.

cloud: no names here. but if you ask me nicely, maybe i'll change my mind. =)

domjulian: di rin ako gwapo. pogi siguro. hehehe. from now on, suplado na ako =P

charmedwishes said...

hello, please visit this link, here's some of my love spells. however, i have't checked the effectivity of these. i never used love spells.

theLastJedi said...

wow.. that wuz creepy.. what people would do for some earthly pleasures.. moral of the story: relish personal stories, technology seemed to have taken away dz treasure from us.. =)

theLastJedi said...
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engel said...

last jedi: i agree. technology's taking away all the personal things we've been doing before. both good and bad.

cw: thanks. not that i'd need of it, but appreciate the help.