Saturday, August 22, 2009


Engel was browsing through other people's online journal when he chanced upon a regular read's latest post. Something about discovering their worst kept secrets (from hiding porn in the computer or condoms in jacket pockets). It made him realize that just like that blogger, Engel too is sloppy in terms of hiding taboo stuff.

Now he's wondering if his parents or if other people have already found out about what he's been keeping inside his room.

Engel is close to his parents, they talk to him about everything that's been going on in their life, their neighbor's life, and even about the life of people he doesn't even know. But unfortunately, Engel is not the same about his. He knows that his parents already have an inkling about his preference, but until he tells them, or they ask him directly, they'll just leave it as it is.

As mentioned above, he's sloppy with regard to leaving evidence in his room. You'd find condom packs in his perfume closet, his wardrobe, in his clutch bag. His porn is hidden in plain sight, and his cd collection is scattered all around his room, you just know where to look.

It's actually a miracle his father hasn't approached him yet about any of those stuff. He's pretty sure at one point, he'd have found out about some of those things.

They've commented about Engel being 50/50 before, so they probably know. Is it just respect? Denial? Their only son is not even really a son.

He has no plans of coming out. Engel's not even sure if he's going to go through an alternate lifestyle. He still thinks of having a family. Children. The whole nine yards.

But will he be able to, when all the things that makes him who he is, is just lying around his room.


domjullian said...

well, no matter what, you're still their half son and oftentimes, silence means acceptance + love.

MkSurf8 said...

trust me they know =)

AL said...

ayaw mo nun, meron na silang son at daughter rolled into one! would be nice to meet engel one day...

Jay Quiambao said...

same as yours, i am really close with my parents. specially to my mom. i even tell her about my new boyfriend. and she always reminds me to have safe sex. just like Debbie in Queer as Folk :)

xtian1978ii said...

hehehe parang gusto mo ata mag open sa kanila because of the traces you left but would want them to confront you first instead of you telling them.

charmedwishes said...

well, in my opinion, if they are not really asking you then why do you have to tell them? i think alam na nga nila, they just respect you as an individual kaya di ka nila kino-confront about it. pero just to be on the safe side, stay silent muna.

regarding your question sa "la muerte blanca" has she stalked you yet? beware!

Goodboi said...

Sometimes, there are things preferred to be left unsaid. Same with the things we'd wish not to know. I don't think there's wisdom about confirm something you already know.

So, I say along with the others, they already know and you should celebrate. :-)

Goodboi said...