Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just the other day, Engel went out with his straight friends when he got invited to a boy's night out. No girlfriends or women in the group. Just men drinking and talking. Like they used to do back when they were still working together. They know about Engel and are fine with it, so he's always invited. But that was the only time he was able to join them.

FRIEND1: Pre, yung bago kong officemate, ang ganda pre. Mukhang Sarah Geronimo na tisay. Sexy pre, tas ang ganda ng hubog (making hand gestures like the shape of a woman's boobs).
FRIEND2: Ah talaga, maganda ba si Sarah Geronimo? Parang di naman.
FRIEND1: Uy, ang sexy na kaya nun ngayon. Pero mas maganda pa rin yung officemate ko pre. (Showed a stolen picture of the girl in his phone).
FRIEND3: Pwede! Pwede!
ENGEL: Okay lang. Parang di ko naman nakikita yung Sarah Geronimo.
FRIEND2: Medyo naman, parang yung hugis ng mukha.
FRIEND3: Maalala ko, nung isang linggo si (girlfriend) bumili ng DVD ng You Changed My Life. Nakakatuwa. Kinikilig-kilig ako. Hehehe.
FRIEND1: Oo. Nakakakilig nga yun, pinanuod namin yun, diba Eng's sa Greenbelt.
ENGEL: Hahaha. Yun yung may autistic sa may sinehan. Naalala ko yan.
FRIEND2: Nakakakilig si John Lloyd! hahaha
ENGEL: Uy, nakita ko yun in person, natulala ako sa kanya, in fairness. Starstruck.
FRIEND1: Totoo ba yung chismis na sila ni Ruffa?
FRIEND3: Oo daw. May pictures daw na magkasama sila sa America yata yun.
FRIEND2: Ah talaga. Di sila bagay. Mas gusto ko sila ni Sarah Geronimo.

This went on for 20 minutes. Straight men talking about showbiz stuff. Engel tried to talk about the La Salle losing streak, but that did not last long. They talked about Marianne Rivera, then Rosalinda, and how Geoff Eigenmann is not fit to be anyone's leading man because he sounds like a retard. Engel laughed when he realized that his friends are talking about these things too seriously.

Then everyone went quiet for about a minute.

FRIEND 3: Napanuod niyo yung UFC nung isang linggo?


xtian1978ii said...

Hahaha that's funny engel. May ganyan din na kwentuhang nangyayari when I'm with them friends. lalo na pag lasing lasing na.

charmedwishes said...

hahahaha! ganyan talaga, kaya nga pati yung mga straight pinagdududahan na ngayon, kasi dumadami na tayo. yung coach ko nga, tinatanong ako kung gay daw ba yung isang kateam ko. now that she mentioned it, parang may kakaiba nga sa kanya. hmmmm, cute pa naman. pwede! hehehehe... masipag ako magpost kasi nag-eenjoy ako.

Goodboi said...

I don't see anything weird about discussing anything under the sun with your close friends. Even straight-men ask one another if a certain person is gay, or whether a guy/girl (regardless of sexuality) is goodlooking or not. Guys can also talk about vanity, hairstyle, beauty products, commercials.

I guess what matters really here is the degree of closeness that a group has. It would be shocking if you'll hear two guys, who are newly-acquainted, talking about these things. Right?

engel said...

goodboi: i don't find anything wrong or weird about my friends talking about that, we often do that. I just find it funny that when they do, they do it seriously. yung parang walang ibang importante sa mundo kundi yung pinag-uusapang showbiz stuff.

charmed: di naman kadudaduda yung mga kaibigan kong iyon.

xtian: ganun naman siguro ata sa kulturang pinoy, di mawawala usapang showbiz. lolz

domjullian said...

Kawawa nga La Salle! sa last game DLSU vs UP, panalo na talo since I came from both schools.Crap UAAP!

Knox Galen said...

Hindi pa yata kami nagkaroon ng usapang showbiz ng mga tropa kong PLU lol.

If I were in your shoes, I would freak out. Bopols ako sa showbiz eh.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

I was faintly amused when my tropa, in the middle of a drinking session, started to talk about lotions, moisturizers, facials, etc.

and these are friggin brusko men.


boy android said...

UFC is gay too. two hot guys. one top. one bottom. legs entwined on hips. haha. i even saw one fight where both players had hardons. who wouldn't with that kind of body rubbing?

engel said...

boy android: i don't get turned on watching people bludger each other til they're all bruised and bloody. but i do enjoy watching UFC though.

wanderer: i know a straight guy who's more vain than all the women in our team at work.

knox: i notice that. you're more of the real news kind of guy. That's why i like reading your blog.

domjulian: yeah, crap UAAP, my college is with NCAA. =P