Sunday, August 30, 2009


Friday 1:00am: Engel wakes up after his alarm clock rang for the third time. It's snoozed twice already, and the third time is always the one that wakes him up. This was his last day working for the team he's been with since last year.

8:00am: He took his lunch. His heart was heavy, even if the day was light, he still didn't know if the day will end good or not.

9:00am: Started receiving confirmation texts from his former colleagues from a different company regarding the reunion/welcome home party for his former boss.

12:30pm: Ended his work week. Called Chicago to have reservation moved earlier because ex-boss wanted party started early due to prior commitments.

1:30pm: Last team building activity for his current team. No crying moments.

3:30pm: End of team building. Start of drinking session for the last time. All cards are dealt, no more issues between the team, and Engel reminisced on times that they were training in a different country.

5:30pm: Engel decides to leave, just a few seconds after his crush (a better looking version of Hayden Kho) arrives. Regrets moving the reservation to an earlier time

6:45pm: Receives a text message from the ex-boss whose party Engel organized, advising to cancel the whole thing because apparently she had migraine and the whole weather blaming shit. Yep, Engel was pissed off. Inconsiderate bitch!!!

7:00pm: Friends still decided to meet each other regardless the impolite move from the dumb broad (Engel is still angry if it's not obvious).

8:45pm: Thanks to the traffic and payday traffic, Engel arrived an hour and 45 minutes late to the party. His phone's battery died. It was a videoke party and somewhat reunion for all of Engel's former colleagues. It was successful, but then Engel announced that he'll no longer organize parties for 'balikbayan' ex-colleagues!

Saturday 12:00mn: Chicago party ended, alot of the former colleagues went home. The core friends of Engel decided to spend the rest of the evening at McDonald's. Fond stories from their previous jobs were shared and they all realized how much they all miss each other.

3:00am: Everyone left and only Engel and his friend Hansi were left. On their way home, they agreed to fetch Hansi's girlfriend from their team building activity in Laguna. The road trip started.

5:00am: The friends rented a private resort beside the girlfriend's place to wait for the girlfriend. Engel knows that the owners were thinking that Engel and Hansi were lovers. They were even offered to hire service from women and men in the area. They declined both.

8:00am: The girlfriend found out that the friends were stalking her. Engel and Hansi decided to get their money's worth for the halfday rent by swimming. This was Engel's first time this year to go swimming.

11:00am: Arrived in Cavite. They all decided to rest and sleep.

4:00pm: They all went to SM Molino to have dinner.

8:00pm: Engel decides to go home.

9:30pm: Finally arrived home in Parañaque. Got the mother of all scolding from the parents for not telling where he's been. They almost filed for a missing persons report when he didn't reply to all his messages.

Sunday 12:15am: Finished writing his post, but since his internet connection is seriously fucked, he wasn't able to publish it. He gave up on Globe a few minutes after and decided to go to sleep.

1:00am: Received a text message from an unknown number inviting to have fun over the phone. Engel declined as he's already sleepy. Even if he's in the mood, he does not do phone fun.

Engel loves his bed.


hugh said...

Globe's getting slower and slower. Sometimes, I couldn't connect at all.

The Scud said...

nga MIA ka pala sa parents mo. haha. buti na lang i live alone. walang nagtatanong kung saan ako pupunta at kelan ako babalik.:D

engel said...

the scud: naku one of the reasons why i want to live alone na din... nagiging tempting na nga yung magsolo eh...

hugh: yeah, globe is starting to suck big time.

ash said...

agent jack bauer, isdachu? :)

xtian1978ii said...

wala naman ako problema sa globe.

isa iyan sa mga disadvantages pag nasa poder ka ng parents mo pero menos gastos din kase libre na food, tirahan, ilaw, tubig etc. 'yun nga lang bantay sarado hehehe