Sunday, August 16, 2009


At one point in one's life, you'll meet someone with whom you'll have nothing more but a good time. The good-time guy.

Engel's was Cedric. The officemate. Good-looking. He was not tall at all, but still he had this charm that would make anyone swoon. He's not that smart, you're not going to make a decent conversation with the guy. But that actually didn't matter, because whenever Engel was with Cedric, it was often just an all-out makeout session.

Cedric never actually made an impression on Engel, because during that time, the author was busy considering life outside of the company he's working for. He was about to resign from his job as the operations supervisor. Cedric then was only a transferee from a different account, a problem child that was considered for termination by his former boss. Engel's account then was in need of manpower, so regardless of the newbie's history, he took him in.

One day Engel received an SMS from an unknown number thanking him for everything he did. Cedric introduced himself, and he was acknowledged. What surprised him though when the last message was an offer by Cedric to give his services. A sexual favor in return for what Engel did.

Who was Engel to decline an offer from a good-looking kid willing to give his body as thanks. So he went out on a date with Cedric. And then the good time started.

The couple can't get their hands off each other. They make out whenever they're alone.. In the production floor. In the comfort room. The sleeping quarters. Engel's apartment. Cedric's room. Pre shift. After office hours. In the middle of the working day. Sometimes Engel will pull Ced out of production, bring him to his apartment, and just do the deed with him.

That lasted for a month. He realized he really don't know the kid. Yeah, the foreplay was fun. The sex was even better. But he didn't really know the guy. And when he does try to get to know Cedric, it almost always end up with the two fighting. They have absolutely nothing in common.
In the end, he found out that Ced's actually already married. And he's got another guy on the side.

Cedric was just a good-time guy, and Engel is looking for a keeper.

They broke up on their first monthsary.


ash said...

so much for a closeted married man's image. haha :)

domjullian said...


xtian1978ii said...

some good things never really last hehehe. it's sad but things just happen as it is and ends up just the same.

Knox Galen said...

As a rule:

one is just an SEB, or a night stand.

two is for fuck buddy. (which i could still count with my hand)

three or more is for lover.

Eight years and the rule was never broken - ever.

Jay Quiambao said...

and that's what i call in relationship, jump into it then analayze after. :)

Eternal Wanderer... said...


the closet gentleman said...

eternal wanderer: not really.

jay q: it's probably the libido doing the thinking with this one.

knox: didn't think of it that way. hmmm, maybe i need to rethink some of these stuff.

xtian: it's not really sad, i always look at the bright side for anything that happens to me, good or bad.

dom: oh well.

ash: yeah, so much for that.