Saturday, August 15, 2009


Engel's been hanging out with straight groups since he realized that having friends is important in life. His entire life, he's only had 1 friend who is like him. And he doesn't get to talk to him very much anymore.

He's tried reaching out to other people like him, but then he finds out that the people that he meets have a different agenda than the sincerity that he's looking for. And with the others that he meets, they'd rather find people who's like them. Hot. Shallow.

So he goes back to his straight friends. Who's starting to have families now. Alot of them knows about the real Engel. And they accept him. And he's grateful for that. But then again, whenever he's with them, he still can't be him. He still has to follow the straight path.

He knows he needs to meet more people like him. He needs to hang out with people where he could be himself. He knows sometimes he has to veer away from the straight path. He might know himself better that way.

The straight path. Not that there's anything wrong with it. It just doesn't seem all right.


Goodboi said...

Go out of the country alone and explore. Sometimes, the things we're looking for are not found within our comfort zones. You'll realize that it's beyond what you've ever imagined.Or rather, we let go of some things in life just to achieve the things we want.

Find your happiness. :-) Goodluck!

Knox Galen said...

The blog would be a good start to explore the lives of people like you. I met a lot of kindred souls from here.

Goodluck dude. May you find what you are looking for.

MakMak said...

The people whom Engel is looking for are out there. It's just a continuous process of reaching out, and discerning whether the ones he'll meet are worth for keeps, or not.

Prince_cloud said...

know what Engel, your in the right path, three years ago i was in the same situation, i was lost, no friends, then i blogged, and i found friends here who not only you can laugh with or have gimiks with but someone who can lean on in times of despair and hurt.

kaya welcome sa blogworld bro.!

xtian1978ii said...

Engel parang ang lungkot ng nagin sitwasyon mo. sa buhay natin 'to 5 lang naging kaibigan ko na tulad natin. sila lang nakaka-alam kung ano ako. masaya ang magkaroon ng kaibigan na tulad natin. sila higit sinuman ang makakaintindi sa atin. tama sila Engel, mag reach out ka pero be careful kase hindi magkatulad lahat ng mga tao.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

You'll be surprised.

I found some of my closest guy friends in the old g4m, and now in the blogosphere.

It may seem like a needle in a haystack, but you'll dind you niche evenetually.

Or maybe I just got lucky. lolz

boy android said...

yan din ang hanap ko sa blogosphere. sa simula ginamit ko lang ang blog as an outlet to write about a recent break-up pero nag-evolve ito para makilala ang ibang tao na katulad ko.