Thursday, January 14, 2010


I wonder why alot of PLU's have such high standards?

I mean, we only have like very limited choices in terms of people we can have a relationship with.

Not that settling for who's available is right.

But, if you know it's close to impossible for one to bag the perfect catch, why not settle for the next best thing?

Is that so one could have and show off a trophy boyfriend?

Or is being with a good looking guy with a near perfect body the only way they could be happy?

Would you still be with a person if he's got the biggest dick and at the same time, the smallest brain?

Does it make you happy being with the most gorgeous guy, but you have absolutely nothing in common?

What's with people having high standards, when they themselves are flawed?

Sigh. Standards.

By the way, I did not get dumped by someone with high standards. I'm just asking.


Manech said...

I once had a similar belief. I guy friend of mine informed me that it's no different from other forms of relationships. And I think he makes perfect sense.

I think that regardless of our sexual orientation, there is this deep want for something more, something bigger than we are. We ask, sometimes too much, a thread of sadness binding our different needs.


hmmm... i am guilty of choosing someone i wanna be with. but one thing is for sure, i have to love that someone. despite all the standards my heart would still rule. i know.

Herbs D. said...

its their way of..coping their flaws? i had high standards back then. well, that was when I was still thirteen & innocent. [o-yea]

now that i've seen the whole real world in action, i came to this understanding that people can fall in love with almost anyone.

Andrei Alba said...

everyone of us has his own standards. the problem here is that we always look for something larger than life. well, it's not a problem per se, because it still depends on how we see these standards.

as for me, i have experienced going out with someone who has the looks but does not have the brains.

i'd rather go for something who is smart, regardless of his so-so looks.

well, just a thought.

rudeboy said...

Lest we ignite another Comment Section explosion *whistles innocently* I'll get this out of the way and say what the hell, everyone's entitled to set their bar as high as they want.
That said, maybe opposites do attract.


Eisen said...

Minsan, ang ito ang nagpapatakbo sa ating buhay. Minsan, di natin namamalayan na sobrang taas na pala nito, kahit sarili natin di na ito maabot.

Ngunit dahil sa standards na ito, may pamantayan din tayo kung ano ba talaga ang gusto natin makuha at marating sa buhay. :D

MkSurf8 said...

who sets the standards?

john stanley said...

kung paanong ang mga straight na lalake ay naghahanap ng magagandang babae, we plu's look for their male counterparts.

after all, lalake pa rin tayo na nagbago lang ng preferences.

MakMak said...

Defensive much, dear Engel? =)

Anyway, don't worry too much on the standards that people set. To me, those are just the attributes that I would prefer but not necessarily require from someone.

Besides, sooner or later, you'll stumble on to someone who will deem you as his/her standard. =)

citybuoy said...

nakakatawa because i think we choose gorgeous and/or smart people dahil we want our offsprings to be gorgeous and/or smart.. kaso that's only applicable for straight people. really strange. i guess deep down, everyone has the need to procreate.

justine said...

i thinks its just a mere of preference rather than a standard

Darc Diarist said...

not to be cynical but people have standards so that when the inevitable happens and they get their heart broken, at least it was quite worth it.

ako, my only standard is someone who'd make me feel secure... and mabango... and mabait... and... hehe :)

lee said...

Standards are just, well, standards. Nakakalimutan din yan when the right one comes along =D

the geek said...

what can i say? i am a standard/rule breaker.

Anonymous said...

Dear Engel! You guys never fail to make me think! I wrote something in response to this. Can't put it here, it's quite long. :)


Niel Camhalla said...

part of knowing yourself is knowing what you want whether that's a good looking partner or a brainy one. settling for the next best thing is like cheating yourself, in my opinion. if you can cheat yourself, you can probably cheat others as well; like when the best thing comes and you're just with the next best thing.

Galen said...

We used to have this concept called leveling. A friend defines it as "raising your standards according to how you assess yourself." Why do gorgeous guys look for equally gorgeous guys? Its because of this concept. Why do the less attractive ones get left behind? Its because the equally less attractive ones dream of bagging their superior counterparts. It's a sad fact of being a PLU. Much as I want to think it never happens, the lives I've seen goes around this concept.

Chuckie said...

Well, I subconsciously choose the one who is on the same level and wavelength as me. Nagkataon lang na high standard. LOL :)

red the mod said...

Biologically, we have been wired by evolution to seek the improvement of our gene pool. It is our physiological propensity for this that drives our urge for mating with an apparently superior partner, regardless of sexual preferences.

Consequently, standards are usually set as a means to establish order. If we don't have goals to aim at, there won't be such a thing as singlehood. Our yearning for particular attributes usually coincides, albeit subconsciously, to characteristics complementary or the very least congruent with our own.

Although social programming also begets failed notions of grandeur that lead to almost utopian, and often preposterous, expectations. But we always find bearing once the heart dictates his choice.

For, if we kept to our axiality on perfection, we lose sight of our capacity to love. Genuinely and sincerely. Men who require such obnoxiously high standards are either of a high caliber themselves or is too superficial to notice the significance of character, value, personality and compatibility.

Standards are simply just that, standards. They are lofty ideals set to establish meaning in our search. But are in no way absolute and precise. Or at least it shouldn't be.

Conclusively, the heat has the final decision. And when you do, and I do hope you do, find that someone, even your standards will adjust and adapt to something agreeable.

Herbs D. said...

in short, its that instinct we all have. despite the rational telling us that we can't make babies with 'em-we still go for them good ones ;)

Mac Callister said...


been thinking the same thing.

naging defensive ka naman sa huli,LOL!

ash said...

why engel, can yours stand hard with just anyones?