Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I've been around the blog universe for quite awhile now. But it's only been until I put up this blog that I got to read more of online journals created by PLUs. I've written about my observations here in the past, but those were just initial impressions.

Five months in, and some of my views of this side of the blog universe have changed. Of course there are still that's the same, but there are still some new things I've noticed.

This was pointed out by Mak to me when we chatted a couple of weeks ago. Even in blogs, cliques still exist. There seems to be cliques that include the kids, the high maintenance PLUs, the straight acting only guys and others. I mean that's fine, as long as everyone is at peace. There are no blog wars happening, and everyone just moves on their own blog circles it's all well and good. But then again some wars are fought on a different battleground. I'd know, I dated a blogger, and heard stories about bloggers arguing with other bloggers, and factions being created because of it. I don't have a clique here, I try to get along with everyone I visit and those who visit me. It's just that, in a world where PLUs long to be accepted they still find it hard to belong.

I don't know if it's attention-seeking or whatever, but there are just writers who aren't happy. There are blogs I've visited that rarely posted articles that are positive. It always has to be drama. Drama. DRAMA. I could understand if the writer is going through something sad like a cheating boyfriend or a recent break-up. But there are people who for no reason just likes to write sad stuff. And worse, it's like they're enjoying telling those stuff. You're not reading of things they'll do to be happier or to make things better. I'm sorry but my tolerance for the negative stuff is really short.

I have said this before. PLU bloggers are some of the smartest people I know. I learned alot from their write-ups. Their articles. Your comments on my posts. Some of you may be younger than I am, but you give advice like you're the most mature person in the world. So that's one thing I'm grateful for, putting up this blog. Meeting people like that. But I'd still stick to what I said before, there are quite a number of bloggers who love to write stuff that gives me nosebleeds that last for hours on end.

Cheesy people transcend sex. And bloggers living an alternative lifestyle are the ones I notice who overflows of cheesiness. I am guilty of being one. Backread through my posts last November, and you'd puke reading through articles written by a lovesick puppy. We all long for romance and meeting the right one, because honestly for us, true love comes rarely. And if it's through writing our dream guys, or hopes for relationships to come or ideals in romance, then we just let it all out here. Of course, there's still those who are realistic. But it's nice that even if they don't really believe in the cheesy stuff, they still support us when we find people that we like.

So it's been five months already of Engel's tell all or kiss and tell, whatever. And I've met alot of people (well not personally, but you know what I mean) who've changed my views about this side of the universe. Some have already left. Some have put their blogs on private, so I can't really visit them anymore. Some have become friends/chatmates/textmates and even became an ex. There are people who have earned my respect. There are also those I've formed a crush on. And there are those I'd like to really finally meet if only to pick their brains (and date). I just either don't have the guts to ask them and/or I have no way to ask them out.

But seriously, the blogging community that I've met here are people I generally like. Some I would not agree with. But mostly they're people I think I could be good friends with in the real world.


Andrei said...

same thing here.

i'm glad to read the thoughts of people who somehow knows what i myself am going through these days.

have a nice day. and keep on blogging.

me always reads. keep it up.

Niel Camhalla said...

I've been reading less blogs lately. It's just that I don't have too much time to do so and some entries seems formulaic or worse repetitive.

There's only a few people who have developed a trademark (that is being imitated/parodied by others), yet the original ones have a tendency to repeat themselves. I mean, how many synonyms are there for "love"?


Niel Camhalla said...

One more thing.

May that's the same reason why I haven't been blogging a lot. I'm running out of stuff. Echoes can be annoying.

Luckily, I'm not running out of dolls. LOL.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

I'm still waiting for the time i can pet your parrot.


john stanley said...

five months and engel still has a lot to share. tuloy-tuloy lang pare.

closet case said...

love the categories!

Galen said...

Very observant Engel.

lee said...

five months na rin pala kitang sine-stalk, i mean, binabasa lol

i've observed that too regarding the cliques.

go go lang sa pagsulat =D

Chyng said...

so anong category ka?
at anogn category din ako? Ü

Anonymous said...

And for five months, dear Engel, you did nothing but talk from the heart - honest and genuine.These are the reasons why you are loved by many.

Keep on kicking more asses this year, man. Best of luck!

Darc Diarist said...

lol. i'm scared of the categories. very true. hehe. pero all the same, masaya pa rin kayong basahin.

Fumbler said...

chill engel

but dont freeze


Anonymous said...

you pretty much summed it up. and what's good about these categories is that they provide us with variations of posts to read.

more emo, groupies, romantic, guru posts from them, more things to read for us.

the geek said...

happy 5th...

citybuoy said...

cool! happy five months! i've been blogging for a few years narin but last year lang ako naging active sa plu blog scene. sobrang spot on yung observations mo. haha at naging guilty na ako sa pagiging super emo at super cheesy. haha

looking forward to more of your stuff. :D

Chuckie said...

I'm really happy to discover this part of blogosphere. It's like a whole new world (insert Aladdin song here)has opened up to me. It's a tiny reminder that we are not alone in our journey, some tread the same path too.

Looking forward to your future posts! Hope it doesn't just last for another 5ive months but maybe 5ive years :)

ash said...

happy monthsary engel! :)

i am beki said...

happy payb months engel

Cloud said...

i nominate myself for the romantic cheesy blog of the year behind you Engel of course, lols

happy fifth month of blogging!

gege said...

happy monthsary!
sapul ako dun!
felt like surrounded by people who i can rely on...

Jay Quiambao said...