Thursday, January 7, 2010


What's the point of this being a kiss and tell when there's nothing much to tell, yeah?

I'm being emo at the moment, so to lighten up my day, let me talk about my crushes. My inspiration for coming to work everyday, going to school (back then), and sometimes for waking up in the morning (or afternoon) in my case.

I don't have alot of crushes because when I do have those, it takes a long time before the attraction disappears. Specially if I see them on a daily basis.

This crush went on from 4th grade all the way until I graduated from high school. Patrick was the 'crush ng bayan' back then. Girls from the all-girl school next door and all the gays from ours swoon over his casual demeanor. He was the cool guy from class. The boy next door. He was really one of the better looking people from our batch. He's the guy we often call only to hang-up the phone when he answers. Yeah, I was a loser in high school. But he was one of the people back then who made those four years a bit more tolerable. Too bad he didn't grow up to be as dashing as he was back then.

I'm only attracted to one guy in the office at the moment. The company I work for is overflowing with attractive men (specially one department... I think that's our Sales Support or Finance department I'm not really sure), but there's only one guy who makes my knees shake. I am not going to name this person because I'm pretty sure that someone from our Operating Unit reads my blog. But this guy, he's the reason I always stand up from my desk whenever I'm not doing anything. Too bad he sits far from us, but that's okay. I'm fine adoring him from a distance. He's not that attractive, but he has this cool demeanor to him that I have an affinity for. Been trying to stalk him on facebook, unfortunately he doesn't have one. Apparently, he's too cool for that.

Marco Lobregat is my inspiration for writing. Back when I was in college, he was the reason why I buy Philippine Star every Wednesday. He had an article for YS back then. I'm not sure where he is now, but back then he was big in the modeling world. I tried to follow his career path back then. Recorded his television ads. Cut out and kept his articles (which when I read now, I think is kinda shallow). I did try to invite him to be a friend in friendster, but apparently he doesn't accept strangers on his account. Which is fine. He was gorgeous though. Too bad he's no longer here in the country.

Ryan Chua from ABS-CBN is one of the few people who makes me want to watch the news regularly. He's gay too, and I'm sure he's open about that. He's a friend of mine in facebook, and I like it that he sometimes reply to my comments on his status updates. He's got this boyish look that I really adore. Makes me want to just grab him and cuddle him like a baby (nakakagigil!!!). Anyway, he's already taken so that's kind of sad. But that's fine. It's just a little crush.

Oh there are two writers here that I always look forward to visiting. I'm not sure how they look like in real life, but I'm really attracted to their wit, their flair and their style in writing. I'm not going to name them because I'm shy, and I doubt if they care that I do. But they're two people whose comments I look forward to receiving, or their posts I anticipate reading. I think they're intelligent people, and judging by what they write, they'd be ideal partners. I'm not sure if they are taken or not, but I'm sure if they are, the people they're with are certainly lucky. Someday I'd have the balls to ask them out.

Actually, there are about 3 or 4 more bloggers who give me the jitters whenever I visit their site or vice versa, but those two stands out the most for me.

So yeah, I feel a bit better now. Kinikilig.

Who are you attracted to? Who's your crush? Spill it.


Chingoy said...

whoa!!! clue!! clue naman jan! ;)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

so that explains it.

galet ag stalker sa kapwa stalkers.


Darc Diarist said...

ganun pala iyon pag malungkot, dapat isipin ang crush. hmmmm, medyo effective nga. hehe

Fumbler said...

anderson cooper

The Constant Bonsaist said...

i saw Marco Lobregat's profile in Facebook.

eh kasi kras ko rin sya. LOL!

P.S. pede ko po ipahiram yung book. on one condition, peram ng "The Lovely Bones". hahaha.

The Constant Bonsaist said...
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Mangyan Adventurer said...

Naks naman.... Haha!

Happy New Year Engel!

Saya saya mo naman pala ngayon!

domjullian said...

initials: SMB

parang kilala mo e no.hehehe

Cloud said...

kinilig naman ako sa post mo. crush crush crush...

sabi nga ni bob ong, ang isa sa pinakamasarap na feeling sa mundo ay ang tumitig sa crush mo at malaman mong una syang nakatitig sa iyo


Anonymous said...

crush din kita. ;)

MakMak said...

Ang saya ng may crush no? Haha. =)

Spill more of yours, then we'll spill ours. Hahaha.

engel said...

makmak: tama na yun, if i say more maoobvious na kung sino yun. i'll keep it to myself muna. paramdam na lang ako sa kanila. =P

anonymous: pakilala ka naman, minsan lang mangyari may magkacrush sakin! lolz =D

cloud: yeah, crush talks are always fun! =)

dom: San Miguel Beer?! dom, kahit di mo iinitial, di pa rin namin kilala si smb. spill!!! =D

mangyan: it's either that, or magpakalunod ako sa kalungkutan. I prefer being happy. =)

botanist: sure. game. =)

fumbler: oooh. good choice!!!

darc: ;) so sino naman yung inisip mo?

ligaya: hindi ako creepy stalker no. fan lang!!! obsessed nga lang. =D

chingoy: tama na yan. =) baka mabawasan pa ako ng readership if i spill my crushes =D

Anonymous said...

. . .

lee said...

crushes = inspiration. nakakapasaya ng araw =D

Anonymous said...

i just can't help but kiligin. may kras din ako sa opis ngayon. i'm trying not to show it pero i can't help. he's not that gwapo pero may dating. at ang nakakainis, ang bait at ang lambing. close kami pero ayokong magtake advantage.

anteros' dominion said...

well, magandang dahilan iyan upang mawaglit sa isip ang anumang nakababagabag na alalahanin

Alisan said...

My crush is an amzing lover that fucks me both physically and emotionally. But I let him, and the physical is just too damn good to let go of :)
Thanks for letting me stop by.

Andrei Alba said...

wala yang mga yan sa crush ko.

itago na lang natin sa pangalang "engel".



Rei Mikazuki said...

stalker ka rin pala ha.

harot. harot. harot. hahaha.

the geek said...

naalaala ko tuloy si mystery guy at yung guy na katabi ko sa plane from palawan. (i called him mr. palawan. hehehe)

ako din, may crush ako na bloggers. hahaha

dabo said...

hehe talande. sana yung crush mo sa office would ask you out..uyyyy

--- --

(crush ko yung nagtitinda ng dvd sa may boni hihihi pero i think di sya crush kasi pinagnanasaan ko na sya. pinaplano ko na kung paano mahahawakan ang kanyang kamay)

iurico said...

May crush din ako na blogger. hahaha

Nakikiuso lang...

engel said...

iurico/geek: spill!!!

dabo: ano yung talande?

rei: uy, di naman, dati fan ako masyado, pero syempre, mature na tayo ngayon. minsan na lang. =D

andrei: hala!

alisan: thanks for stopping by. ermm hope you work things out with your lover.

erick: yup. pampagaan ng loob.

anonymous: wag taluhin ang mga kaibigan, unless they're into you too. =P

lee: yep. crushes make our day.

Anonymous said...

ay engel, mukhang kilala ko na kung sino ang isa mong crush. hahahaha



Anonymous said...

@engel: yun nga eh, kaibigan ko siya, at tinuturing nya din akong close friend. madalas nga yun sumandal sakin pag lunchbreak eh. pero after ko din mabasa yung post mo about joy, inisip ko lang na baka ganun lang talaga siya. malambing at masarap kasama. pero i just can't help it na hindi mabuyoy pag kinakausap niya ako, at lalo pag nakangiti. waahh, kinikilig ako, hehe :D

Alex said...

Anami nagpaparamdam saken sa school.. ung iba dun crush ko.. haba tlaga ng hair koh.. LOL

joke lang..


citybuoy said...

how strange. kinikilig din ako habang binabasa to. haha

Jay Quiambao said...

Ikaw, crush kita :))

engel said...

jay: natrauma nako sa mga bata!!! =P

citybuoy: hay, if only i could act on those crushes. sigh.

alex: good for you!! =)

anonymous: naku, mahirap yan. three weeks kong iniyakan yun. =(

geek: sige nga, sino yun. tell me and ill confirm or deny. =)

red the mod said...

Oh crushes. They remain forever as footnotes to the unfolding story our lives. They are visitors, temporal may be, that have instilled our interests a rejuvenation no slumber can accomplish. They tickle our fancy, and fiddle our hearts to a tune we often find hard to remember.

Yet when times beget that melancholic spell, we look to them to get us through this passing tundra. And awaken, all warm and fuzzy.

Ready to write another day. Of pages from our unending plight towards that elusive Utopian dream. Of Love. Of Success. Of Peace.

How sweet.

Anonymous said...

Nice entry!
May crush din ako nung 2nd year high and hanggang ngayon crush ko pa rin. Yung full name nya ang password ko sa lahat ng net accounts ko. LOL.
Muntik na akong mag-San Beda kasi akala ko doon siya nag-aaral. Ayun pala, magiging magka-schoolmate kami sa ibang University. Haha.

Mga kabaliwan ko noon...


Anonymous said...

i wonder kung sino yung mga bloggers na tinutukoy mo, hehe.

Anonymous said...

It's quite funny to see how faith exist before your eyes here in blogosphere. I suddenly have missed St. Thomas Aquinas' reflections, if I remember it right. It triggers an interesting topic - on how to fall for the partly unimaginable.

At this point, I cannot describe it. :)

engel said...

goodboi: nosbleed. =)

maxwell: secret na malupit!!!

m2mtripper: ako naman meron ako crush nung hs na naging classmate ko noong college. barkada ko yun nung 1st week of class pero pinaghiwalay kami ng tadhana. yuck!!! =D

red: poetic!! =)

the geek said...

i maybe wrong but i read it in your comment section from one of your posts. hahaha

as for the other one, i have no idea.

engel said...

huh? hmmmm.

ibulong mo naman kung sino yun.

nacurious naman ako. =)

the geek said...

hahaha wag na...baka mali din, mapahiya lang ako.hahaha

MD said...

Ryan Chua pala ha. Makakarating. Joke! :p

chin chan said...

msarap madaming crush mas madami inspiration...=) pero dapat hanggang dun na lang =(