Sunday, January 24, 2010


Let's put off with the rantings and emo-ness for this post. I miss raving about shallow stuff in my blog. I miss geeking out. So this is just self-indulgence.

My favorite games ever!!!

I love this series. I finished all of the games of the series (except for RE5, just because I have short attention span when it comes to my xbox games). I don't really know why I keep on playing these titles, when it really scares me. I play this in the middle of the night with all the lights off, and you often hear me screaming whenever a zombie jumps out of nowhere. It's crazy, but it's addicting. The stories are often shallow, and the dialogue's mostly cheesy, but it's addicting. My favorite would be Resident Evil 4 just because it's mostly a pretty game.

I love Japanese RPGs. And this one's the best of them. My addiction started with FF8. I loved the story of Squall and Rinoa. And I loved how you could play this game for a hundred hours and still have alot of things to do. Yes, this series is not for the impatient bunch because it's all about gaining experience to become the perfect character. Leveling up your magicians, your warriors, your rogues, basically your whole party. March will see the release of the thirteenth installment of the franchise, and I can't wait to get my hands on this game.

I just finished the first game of this supposed trilogy this morning in anticipation of the sequel that will be released this week. In comparison to Japanese RPGs, western made role playing games are much shorter and more action-packed. This game revolutionized the whole genre, providing not only such beautiful cinematics but also depth in terms of gameplay. You make your decisions not only on how to answer people, but also on how stories will be played out. You could be a goody-goody soldier, or a ruthless renegade. And what's best about it, is that all these decisions will come back and haunt you when you play the sequel!!! Woohoo!!!

Open world games or sandbox games are really addictive. And the whole GTA franchise is probably the most addictive of all the titles in this genre. You don't need to play the game. Just steal a car and cruise around Vice City, Liberty City or whatever city the game is set in and crank your radio up to eleven and you'd still be satisfied. GTA4 is my favorite of the series just because it's set-up in pseudo New York and it's really beautiful. I love the graphics, the story, the missions, the gameplay. Everything about the game is perfect. It's got sex, violence and this basically where I release all those pent-up anger. Just a perfect game all in all.

I love action games. I'm straighter that way. I love shooting people, or in this case locusts (aliens and not the insect) in the head. I think if I take on shooting in real life, I'd be good at it just because I excel in these weapons in these games. Anyway I played and loved both Gears of War titles. These are some of the best titles in xbox's library. It's gritty. It's scary. It's innovative. I know it's an alien war game, but still you can't help but say this game looks pretty.

I clocked in about a hundred and fifty hours playing this game. And I don't think I'm even halfway the main story of this title. Bethesda's massive world in this role playing game is not only littered with hundreds of missions, but it's a game where you can literally explore the entire map. There are games that I've called pretty, but this one, I'd have to say beautiful. You can stop always stop and admire the beautiful landscape, not only of cities or towns, but even caves could be such a spectacle. This was actually the reason why I bought an Xbox. Too bad my disc broke before I was able to finish this title. I'm looking for an original copy of this game and am willing to pay whatever to be able to play this game again.

It's games like this why I so miss having a Playstation. This is the title where you can play characters from Walt Disney and the Final Fantasy series. I miss playing Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck. I remember how the hair from my skin goes up whenever characters like Simba, Jack Sparrow, Aladdin and even Peter Pan start making their appearance in each world that I visit. I love this game.

Solid Snake is probably one of the most kick-ass video game character of all time. He's a hardass soldier of the future who's brilliant in stealth as well as... well everything else. He eats snakes. Takes on robots and vampires. And his games are as difficult as hell to defeat. But I don't care. It's always about the experience you have whenever you play a game that is important. And playing any Metal Gear game is always a treat to play. If ever I decide to buy a PS3, this will be the first title I'll be looking for.

Of all the fighting games in the market, this is definitely the prettiest. I play this game not only to unlock the secret characters but also to watch every character's ending cinematics. And of all the fighting games, this is probably the most realistic in terms of doability (is this a term?). Anyway, it borrows moves from karate, taekwondo, judo, wrestling, capoeira and just about every possible martial art. I love playing Hoarang, Law, Jin, Nina Williams, Xiaoyu and Yoshimitsu. I have slow fingers so I often lose to my nephews whenever we play this game. But no matter. It's still a good game.

Yeah I love playing video games. One of my dream jobs is to work for a video game company. I'm geeky like that.


Rei Mikazuki said...

Hilig mo rin pala sa RPG games. Waiting for FFXIII Agito! Potek kasi, mahal ng PS3... sayang, can't play FFXIII and FF Versus XIII... T_T

Suggest ko lang, try playing Silent Hill too. The story is just draws you into the game.

And there's this reality show in the US, wherein they picked 11 gamers to duke it out (ala PBB or something) to become Sony's PSN's Next. Top. Model. Este Game Tester. Would that not be sooo cool to test the unreleased stuff right away?

Skron said...

I'm also playing Mass Effect right now. Just to refresh myself before playing ME2. But Mass Effect didn't really revolutionize the genre, only refined it. This whole decision-based storytelling has been done before in older BioWare games, like Baldur's Gate, and other western RPGs.

I have a lot of favorite games. So I'm going to shave it down to 10.

-Baldur's Gate Series
-Dragon Age
-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Series
-Fallout Series
-Deus Ex Series
-Civilization Series
-System Shock Series
-The Witcher
-X-Com Series
-Wizardry Series

Happy gaming.

Manech said...

Feeling ko ang jologs ko tuloy. Ang most recent addiction ko eh Plants vs. Zombies. Hehehe.

Yj said...

aaaaay solitaire lang alam kong laruin... ano ba yan hahahahaha

engel said...

yj: i don't expect everyone to relate naman to this post. self indulgence lang tong post na to. =)

manech: plants vs zombies is not jologs!! it's cool kaya!!

skron: pc games aren't for me. but i have played some of the titles on your list. =)

rei: i have played silent hill on my nephew's psp. ayos naman siya. oh and i've finished sh3 on my ps2. it's creepy, pero RE baby pa rin ako. =D

Chuckie said...

Yeyeah, you're a FF fanatic too pala. FF 8 is the one i enjoyed the most. I love the junction system, love even more the sound when you draw (chwwiiiing). I would spend hours just to get 99 of each spells, even Ultima, and get all the GFs lol. And who would forget the development of Rinoa and Squall's story.

Hay, i miss this game.

Can't wait too for march! Oh my, natempt ako bilhin ung japanese version ng 13 last year, onti na lang buti napigilan ko. Have you seen the preview? Amazing. I like the summons! Ang cool ni Odin, very perfect for Lightning and Shiva is back again, woot woot!

Ok, enough of the geek talk. Hehe.

domjullian said...

di mo favorite dynomite? favorite ko e

Anonymous said...

ako stuck sa farmville lately, na miss ko ng maglaro na may hawak na controller.

makapaglaro nga this weekend.

wanderingcommuter said...

i guess nawala na dina ng interest ko sa videogames ng malaos ang family computer at nintendo! have to catch up and bring back that child in me again.

citybuoy said...

di ako makarelate. :c

the only games na naadik ako eh pokemon at the sims. haha

Ronnie said...

King of Fighters Series is my favorite versus. From 1995 hanggang 2002 naabutan ko. Dami nilang characters nakakaaliw lang. =p

engel said...

ronnie: yeah, that game's so high school!! =D i remember my classmates sleeping over our place so we could play that the whole weekend.

nyl: i never got addicted to sims. and i've never played any of the pokemon games. =(

ewwik: kaya siguro di ko siya pinagsawaan, kasi wala ako nun when i was younger. =( kaya ngayon bumabawi =D

maxwell: tara laro tayo!!! =D

dom: anong game yun?!

chuckie: have not seen the previews. baka lalo lang ako maglaway. although, i read alot of early reviews for the japanese release, and they were all very good. can't wait for march. =D

Herbs D. said...

FF & RE were awesome. heard theres RE 5 on PS3 na! siyet. Never been a big fan of Kingdom hearts because of the whole disney characters na drama-I'd go for Suikoden instead.

Dhon said...

Try mo mag RPG or LAN base game like DOTA.. very very fun.. for a change naman.

Anonymous said...

@Engel: tara! sama natin si xtian and ternie. :)

engel said...

max: game ako!!! taralets!!! kunin mo kay ternie contact details ko. =D

dhon: di ako pc gamer. pero try ko minsan.

herbs: medyo nakakasawa kasi yung suikoden. lalo na yung 4. although nakakaaliw mangolekta ng players. =)

/iambrew said...

I love Grand Theft Auto... Saya nya laruin. More patay ka ng tao and steal uber cool cars. Hehehe...

Link kita ha. :)

Dhon said...

try mo.. i know you will enjoy it.. :)

Herbs D. said...

try Left 4 Dead 2. shit, i spend my school days doing that shit. its dope, man. definitely.

Jay Quiambao said...

Irvine Kinneas (I already forgot) and Squall Lionheart made me play FFVIII till wee hours. While, Jin and Hoarang from Tekken. Damn I miss playing computer games.

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