Monday, September 14, 2009


Found it kinda boring this year. Missed the one last year as he was out of the country, but was terribly disappointed with what he saw yesterday. FEU did deserve the win but thinks it's still subpar. The originality, inventiveness and energy of past competitions were missing this year. It's all about how high the throws are, and all the pyramids done looked the same. Only the props were something to look forward to (except for the Blue Babble Battalions' one).

The hype is on him right now. Fresh from his mother's death, it's easily understandable why he's the favored one at the moment. Valid points have been said, and it seems his inexperience is bringing him good favors. But does he really deserve the country's vote? Have we heard his platform? Do we even know what he's already done for the country? Election's a long way away. But considering who he'll be in contention with, he may be the only choice.

Engel's crazy for this girl at the moment. Love her songs (except for the Romeo song, it's too girly). He finds himself singing along to White Horse, Teardrops on My Guitar and he tunes in to MTV and Myx often hoping to catch You Belong To Me. Engel's too old for Taylor Swift songs, but he thinks no one's too old to appreciate good music.

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. Not because it's gay-themed. But I really like the trailer. I hate Luis Manzano, I find him irritating (even if he's hot). But the scene where he tells his mother he's afraid of disappointing her again brings a tear to my eyes.And because I'm a fan of John Lloyd.

Maybe because he doesn't see too much tv these days, only the morning show of ABS-CBN, but he finds himself looking forward to watching this news anchor. He likes the geekiness, much more the fierceness. Anyone knows if he's already married?

Engel's over the depression crap he's subjected himself into the past week. How? He got himself occupied with alot of things. Work was primarily the reason he hadn't thought of it. Playing video games nonstop also helped. That's always been his cure for such problems. Busying himself to death. He can't hangout with his friends anymore because of his schedule, but that's okay. He needs to save up some money anyway. So like the storm that just passed, so did his melancholy.

This is his current arch-enemy. This past week, he only averages 4 hours of sleep a day. He's still not used to the shift he's in. Specially because he still doesn't know what time he should leave for work. You see, Engel's training starts at 9pm. 6pm is too early, 7pm is too late. Makati rush hour is just crazy and unpredictable. Hopefully this week he can figure the schedule much better. This is going to be his life from now on. Going back to sleeping, he find it sucky that whatever time he goes to sleep in the morning, he always finds himself waking up at noon. Always. And he can't go back to sleep after. Anyone recommend a good sleeping pill?


Chuck Suarez said...

I also like Anthony Taberna. Ang hot daddy nya. =)

domjullian said...

UP lost =(....sigh

Yes, si Noynoy na best bet for 2010. Not Villar, he is way too corrupt at marami cyang hidden businesses.

I just downloaded Taylor Swift's Romeo song - Love Story and lotsa new wave!

Jay Quiambao said...

Yep, Anthony Taberna is married.


"If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me
You belong with me"


Eternal Wanderer... said...

If for nothing, Noynoy may just be the consolidating figure of the fractured opposition.

Anonymous said...


ash said...

jacking off - no fuzz, no frills, its free. and theres no overdose :)

Goodboi said...

I have to agree with Sam. Jack it off till you drop, man!

theLastJedi said...

' ahahahahah!!! scattered thoughts sau, sari-sari naman ang akin.. =)

hmm.. am i right in saying you're tilting in favor of Noynoy na? hmm.. i planning to convince you even more.. =)

rudeboy said...

So, Engel, what do you think of the way Kanye dissed Taylor Swift at the VMAs?

engel said...

rudeboy: Kanye was an idiot, and what Beyonce did afterwards, that was classy.

last jedi: still need to know his platform first.

ash & gb: i do that kaya lang minsan nakakatatlo na, di pa rin madalaw ng antok, lalo pako nagigising. =(

16.3: thanks

ew: anyway elections are still a long way away.

jay q: darn. si taylor swift na nga lang crush ko. lolz

dom: is that it's title? don't like that song too much.

chuck: daddy na siya?