Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A few days ago, I wrote in one of my posts that sometimes a blogger isn't necessarily the person he writes himself to be. You see writers (specially if he or she is a very good one) know how to twist or exaggerate some facts about themselves to make them sound more likeable. Giving off a different impression to their readers that are far from who they really are in real life.

I'm not sure what kind of impression I'm giving off with my posts but let me tell you, some of them may not be true. I'll tell you what kind of person Engel really is. Engel in real life.

QUIET. Believe it or not, I am a quiet guy. I'm more of a listener than a talker. Maybe because I'm not that good of a storyteller. I could tell you the most exciting thing that happened in my life, and I won't fail to make you feel bored. I don't know. Ask me to write that story and I'll be able to make it look more alive and colorful, but I'm not that good in telling it. There are people who're born like that I guess. But. And that's a big but. Once you get to know me better or if we have something in common, that would make me talk more. I really have alot to say, I guess it just depends if I know the person will be interested in it or not.

SUPLADO. I'll outright say it. I am a snob. Really. I'm kidding. That's the perception about me because first of all I'm quiet. And I often look serious. I do know how to smile, and I'm mighty approachable. But the thing is, deep down I'm really a shy person. I'm an introvert, and people tend to misinterpret that into being a snob. I guess I just don't like to make the first move. Maybe I'm afraid to get turned down when I try to talk to someone.

FEELING GWAPO. Engel would like to think he's good-looking. Confidence within could be felt outside. I know I tell stories of people who get attracted to me, which I turn down (even if I know I'll never end up with anyone as good looking as they were), they're true by the way, but I'm not that attractive. Maybe a little. Probably if I weigh less. Definitely if I decide to pamper myself more. I'm not vain and I like to keep my life uncomplicated, and if people see that as me not caring for myself. I don't really care. I'm smart.

NICE GUY. I am and I'm proud of that. Even if sometimes that means people get to push me over. I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. And I'm 27. If by now I don't know how to understand and cope with people's different personalities, I'll never learn. But like I said, I'm a nice guy. I am generous to my friends or to people I'd like to become friends with. I give way to other people in lines, in almost anything (unless it's related with money). I share my things, my food, my clothes, sometimes cash (but I don't lend more than 100 bucks to people unless I trust that person).

NAUGHTY. Call him what you want, but Engel's still a man. I sometimes let my disco stick do the thinking. I'm sometimes weak. Nuff said.

That's me in real life.


Anonymous said...

Engel, I have always believed that we are incapable of really knowing how we behave - for it comes with perception. All we can give out are facts about us, not interpretations on how we perceive ourselves to be.

And look, didn't you realize that in your attempt to explicitly tell us about who really Engel is, you have given us some facts about you underneath?

Haha, I could see a 27yo goodie man, sensitive, and above all, defensive. Peace! :-)

xtian1978ii said...

we're totally opposite pare. I'm not good in writing but very good in conversation. that's one reason I blog to improve my writing skills. I smile a lot and not afraid to approach people even if get rejected.

may one thing in common pala tayo, feeling gwapo LOL

theLastJedi said...

' And I'm 27. If by now I don't know how to understand and cope with people's different personalities, I'll never learn.

- finally someone i can agree with! i dunno but recently i have been in the company of people who are of our age bracket but act as if they are in high school.

' i see that you have chosen to make a graphic representation of yourself. it's a path more and more taken nowadays but often, for narcissistic purposes. but this piece doesn't shout vanity, i simply know this one's real.. =) ilibre mo ko kape ah? ehe

domjullian said...

We have things in common. 1. Quiet.Hahaha. I can be, really, albeit, I can talk non-stop. 2. Suplado, 99% of the time, yan ang first impression sakin. 3.Nice guy, we all have a soft spot in our hearts and I believe in karma too.

Naughty sana kaso the perfect word for me is malibog.Hahaha.

<*period*>; said...

kuya engel, thanks sa pagpapakilala ng sarili mo...

next post ko, ipakikilala ko naman ang sarili ko..daan ka ha..dont worry, ill mention your post kasi ito naman ang naging dahilan kung bakita ko ipopost yun eh.


king louie said...

interesting post you got here engel :)

at least we get to know a little bit better the man behind the blog.

cheers! :)

engel said...

king louie: thanks for the visit. come back and you'll know me even better =D

period: sige, when i see your new post, i'll visit.

dom: di ko na nga sinabi yung word na yun, pareho lang tayo. =D

jedi: naku, kakapuri mo sa mga sulat ko, baka madevelop ka na sakin nyan. =D but thank you. i appreciate all the kind words.

xtian: i did like speaking in public, i get more confident. I've done that once. it's just that effort sakin magsalita, i guess.

goodboi: who says i'm defensive. i'm just saying explaining my case before anyone makes another assumption. that's not defensive.

just kidding, yeah i'm defensive. that's something people often point out about me.

Chyng said...

Sometimes, the true person behind the blog is what makes the blog itself more interesting. So tama na dont show it all.. just my two cents! :D

Anonymous said...

Then let's call it 'poisoning the well' in lieu of being defensive.

(I had bad english up there, gee, sorry. I didn't notice.)

theLastJedi said...

' natawa naman aku sa reply mu sa comment ku ditu.. nalulula ka na ba? i an earnest in giving praises, in the same fold that I don't repress when I fond somethin' to criticize about.. =)
- it's sad na aku pa lang ang male Marian devotee na kilala mo. I have friends who are too. di lang naman ang mga kelot tsaka gays ang meh karapatan maging Marian.. defensive? ahahahaha!

citybuoy said...

it seems like engel is a nice person. haha (sorry, i've gotten used to your third person posts that i feel like engel is a completely different person.)

i believe in karma too. i guess most people think i'm a bit of a doormat but it's okay with me. what they don't know is i curse them under my breath anyway so it's all good. (haha real brave right)

nice post! :D very johari-ish.

engel said...

cb: you know what they say with quiet people, "nasa loob ang kulo." =P

jedi: that's true. i think i need to meet more people, hehehe. kaya lang baka ma B.I. ko sila. =)

goodboi: positioning the well, i like that term.

chyng: but that defeats the purpose of this blog. =)

POPOY said...

Nice Entry engel :)

seems that you are one of the nice person sa mundo!? LOL... what you see is what you get kung baga...

isa rin ako sa feeling gwapo, yehey dumadami na tayo.. hehehe

the geek said...

it was so nice to meet you, engel in real life...hahaha

period said...

@engel..nice to meet you too, kuya engel!hugs

Knoxxy said...

The Real Engel seems like a well rounder guy thats good!