Saturday, September 5, 2009


Not to sound super jologs, but I did enjoy watching that movie very much.

I don't remember ever laughing so hard in any Filipino movie that I've seen. Kimmy Dora's a riot. Eugene Domingo was awesome here.

It's the story of two sisters, one highly intelligent but really mean and the other one who's truly nice except she's semi retarded. I'm not really sure how to tell the plot of the film because it's kinda complicated. But it was a nice story.

The plot was not very original, if you ask me, but what makes up for an old rehashed story is the excellent delivery from it's star. Dora is a very different character from her sister, that they seem to be two different actors. It was so good, when Dora was pretending to be the twin, it's like watching a really funny impersonator.

But what made this movie really awesome is that it's peppered with alot of stars. I think I sounded really jologs pointing out actors that my friends never even heard of. It's like a virtual who's-who of Philippine entertainment. That was cool. But of course, nothing can beat the star-making performance of Eugene Domingo. She was hilarious in this movie.

Yeah, so I like the film.


Jay Quiambao said...

I did watch the film. It was really nice. Noticed a lot, I say A LOT, of PLU watched the film.

Eternal Wanderer... said...


I gotta watch it, too!!!

maybe this weekend ;)

Yodz said...

Eugene is naturally hilarious. I love her wit.
I must see that movie...

period said...

the movie made me laugh because of the simple details..

like the louis vuitton design inside the car..ang paguutos ni kimmy kay mriam quiambao na i reject ang phone calls from henry sy ang ayala,, and telling manny pangilinan she's buying him out

the movie is intelligently funny

btw, thanks for appreciating my story...actually, i was just going back to writing fiction na matagal ko ring tinalikuran..i also made a post about my writing life and bakit ko ito tinalikuran


Xall Percé said...

Kakapanood ko lang ng movie.
Tawa ako ng tawa.

theLastJedi said...

' i dunno what's jologs about watching local films.. i mean not because you watch hollywood films e di ka na jologs.. e ang jologs kaya ng transformer at tsaka latest harry potter films!
- sige engel.. i'll try to watch it tomorrow.. i'll try your word on this.. movie date ko with a friend.. she'll let me watch district 9 if i'll let her watch and i love you so with her.. yeah i know, wut's with gurls and Sam Milby? makes me cringe.. ahahahaha!!!!

The Scud said...

this film is a riot. i haven't laughed so hard over a widely-released comedy since ang tanging ina.

domjullian said...

i'll be watching it, later

Mr. Komplikado said...

Ang funny ng film na 'to. =D

Avon Luna said...

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