Friday, September 11, 2009


Everywhere today, Engel's been reading alot of cheesy posts. A lot of hook-ups. There are some cutesy anecdotes about the writers and their special someone. There are those who are hopeful for a more romantic future. And some are just super cheesy.

Engel's been in the blog universe long enough to spot trends in this his virtual home. If someone's in love, chances are in the next few days you'll be reading alot of love posts. When someone is brokenhearted, other people will follow suit and write depressing stories. If there's a blog war between two bloggers, there will be posts written to defend one side, even if the blogger does not even know any of the warring parties.

The common theme he's read today got him thinking. Should this make him hopeful? Or is he going to be depressed?

He's not a scrooge. He's happy that alot of people, straight or otherwise are finding love and keeping it. But like he said a few posts earlier, this is upsetting because he still has no one. He misses the feeling of 'kilig'. Of having butterflies in your stomach.

He wants to send text messages asking someone if he's already eaten. He misses being asked how was his day. He wants to be able to hold someone's hand. He wants to know how it feels again having an argument because he forgot it's their anniversary. He misses saying sorry, and making up with his partner. He wants to be able to take someone out of the city for a date. He wants to walk with someone on the way home. He wants to take a time out from work to sneak a text message to the one. He wants to be in love.

Being single is not exhausting. But it would really be nice to be a part of a couple every once in awhile.

This is just me, I think even if I'm with somebody I'd probably still be a drama king. It's human nature, never getting satisfied with what we have.

And Makmak, yeah, this time I'm depressed. I'm not denying.


<*period*>; said...

wala akong ibang masabi kundi...

100% trulili!

citybuoy said...
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citybuoy said...

sorry sleepy. didn't realize i was being redundundant.

i agree. sometimes it sucks to be single but i for one believe everything happens for a reason. maybe the right person's not ready yet and we should never settle for anything that's half-baked. :D

re:warring bloggers ~ why can't we all just get along? :c

re:depressing stories ~ sorry ako yun. haha

ash said...

you know what they say about rotten cheese.. they sweeten with time. :)

a blog's suppossed to be a reflection of one's state of emotions translated into words.

Knox Galen said...

I agree with Ash. A blog is a reflection of one's state of affairs translated into words.

Goodboi said...

Hey man, it doesn't stop with reading. Well, we can read as many as we want but at the end of the day, we need to be critical in sifting what's uplifting, what's better and what's sensible for us.

And look at what you have done here. You created a rotten cheese out of somebody else's cheese!

Our little fairy tales are within us. We create it. We make it happen. Now, go back and fix your fairy tale story! I can't wait to hear it. :-)

Jay Quiambao said...

it is nice to see it that way. but one should refuse. much for being drama queens. one should get real. but for the post's sake, it is fun to be emo sometimes. time to reflect.

take care engel, mwah!

dylan dimaubusan said...

Yung pakiramdam ba na you need someone is the same with being depressed? I don't think so.

Pero parang pareho tayo ng sentiments ngayon, sort of.


i am beki said...

admitting your depression is a good thing.

to do something about it is better.

to lurk in depression is a no-no....

cheer up! alam mo naman trapik parati sa Metro Manila. baka natrapik lang yung "da one" mo. darating din yun! ;p

xtian1978ii said...

ganun talaga. for me, I blog for me to at least mailabas ang saloobin ko at experience na hindi ko pwede ishare sa mga taong kilala ako.