Monday, November 23, 2009


Reasons why Engel hasn't written anything in days:
  • Busy with his love life.
  • Busy playing Assassin's Creed 2, Dragon Age and Fallout 3.
  • Finally, getting busy at work.
  • Writer's block.
  • Lack of sleep during the weekends.
  • He's still contemplating whether to delete this blog or not.
  • Stress from work.
  • He realized his posts are shallow. As in really shallow. Most of the time.
  • He's laying low again because someone's stalking him again.
  • Maybe he's just tired.
There are so many things Engel wants to say, but he can't find the words to type in. Maybe he should start writing about sex.



rudeboy said...

Dammit, engel, I don't care how shallow you are, but if you delete this blog, I will shove your stalker out of the way, hunt down your parrot, and pluck every single feather from its body one feather at a time.

Galen said...

Don't force yourself to write. Inspiration comes when we least expect it.

domjullian said...

nakupo, laging busy

thecurioscat said...

rudeboy said it all

Eternal Wanderer... said...

fine fine.

i promise not to stalk you.

in the meantime.


john stanley said...

hala, hindi na din kita i-stalk!

hindi muna. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hala... Bakit mo naman iniisip na i-delete 'tong blog mo? 'Wag naman.

Busy with lovelife? Kikilig!


Anonymous said...

take it easy lang. and write whenever you feel like it. :)

Jay Quiambao said...

Wag mo na idelete.

citybuoy said...

agree with rudeboy. don't do it!

"Maybe he should start writing about sex. Nah. "

haha reminds me of that time someone asked romnick about his inactivity in showbiz. he said ayaw niya kasi mag-bold. this was around the time that there were fifty million sexy films at any given week.

engel said...

citybuoy: romnick sarmenta makes me laugh. =D

jay, rudeboy, m2m, curioscat: i'll think about it guys. thanks!

maxwell, galen: i'm really like that, it's just that i'm not used to not writing on a regular basis. even my other blog, regardless how inactive i am there, it still finds a post regularly.

ternie & stanley: di kayo yung stalker ko. babae. =D

anteros' dominion said...

naku, bakit ka naman nagbigay ng clue ukol sa stalker mo?

nahalata tuloy na ako yun


relax lang bro.

and to be frank, i dont find your posts shallow.


kasi you're blatantly honest without being offensive

and if you're going to delete this, somebody out there would be lonely...

Mr. Scheez said...

this is your blog - your place - you can write anything you want here regardless whether the readers thinks it's shallow or not. you rule your blog. hehehe =)

wanderingcommuter said...

mahirap magsulat kapag inlove ka... believe me!! so its understandable... hahaha!

Rei Mikazuki said...

@wanderer: Diba dapat mas inspired ka to write about stuff? Rather than the other way around? Ah well, I guess Engel wants to keep his love life to himself.

@Engel: Wag mong madelete-delete tong blog mo kundi makakatikim ka ng bugbog ng bakla. Hahaha!

The Scud said...

it must be the season. tinatamad na mga tao mag-blog. i have that sickness too. hehe.

anteros' dominion said...

nge, kuya engel, kulang pa nga ako ng 90 k para sa 10 percent na downpayment..hindi naman po ako mayaman.. kuripot lang talaga ako, lalo na sa sarili ko kasi na in two years ko sa trabaho dapat makapagsimula na akong maghulog para sa bahay at lupa, kaso mukhang hindi ko pa yata maabot yung goal..maliit lang sweldo ko, mababa pa sa starting rate ng mga nasa call center..nasa pagtitipid lang yun bro

engel said...

anteros: babae ka ba? hmmm. =D

at least may ipon ka na. ako, wala. =)

scud: yeah, must be the season.

rei: nakakatakot ka naman! =D

ewwik: maybe. i remember the old days with my other blog, the only time it wasn't really active was when i was in a relationship. =D

scheez: that's true.

Chingoy said...

engel, wag muna mag-close shop... relak relak ka lang jan. treat kita ng adobo hehehe

Mac Callister said...

hahaha ok lang yan

just dont delete this blog write whenever you feels like writing

Yj said...

utang na loob maawa ka sa parrot mo.... hahahahaha

red the mod said...

I can relate.