Monday, November 16, 2009


If Engel is not updating as often as he wanted to be, that would be because he's currently addicted to playing Dragon Age Origins on his XBox.

This weekend he spent most of his bonus buying original dvd's and xbox games. That's his Christmas gift to himself. Oh, and he bought a pair of shoes from his friend. Because said friend is strapped for cash and Engel does not know how to say no.

He bought an original copy of Dragon Age Origins and Tekken 6.

Tekken 6 just like it's predecessors look awesome. The gameplay's familiar and just everything about it is just as Engel remembered. He missed playing Jin, Eddie, Nina Williams, Xiaoyu, Hwoarang and every other player in the game. Brings back memories of high school.

It really would be better if he's playing with someone, but hey playing solo's fine as well. He needs to unlock some of the secret characters (if there are any) anyway. Plenty of things to do.

Dragon Age is an RPG in the same vein of Mass Effect, but instead of space, the game is set in ancient times. When dragons roamed the world. It's actually quite addicting. You'd want your character to continuously level up because that will unlock alot of the character's other abilities.

Just like Mass Effect, the game makes you choose your dialogue and may have an effect on where the story will go to. But he's only played the game for a little more than two hours. Still have alot to explore.

This game reminds him a little of The Lord of the Rings.

Engel's actually excited to buy Assassin's Creed 2 that'll be coming out this week.

Engel also bought pirated versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Wet, Fight Night 4, Fallout 3, Street Fighter 4, and Borderlands. He's now looking for a copy of Brutal Legend. People say that it's actually very good.

Can anyone point Engel to the right direction where he could buy that title?

This weekend, Engel also bought a copy of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek and Up. All three of which were some of Engel's favorite summer popcorn flicks.

He has yet to see them though. Been busy with the parties, meet-ups and video games that took most of his weekend off.

That's it for now. Engel's still sleepy. Weekends are supposed to let people get enough sleep, but this past few ones, he's barely slept at all. His eyebags are getting bigger and bigger, and pimples are one by one popping out of his face.

Can't wait for the US Thanksgiving Holiday. That would mean he could finally get that well deserved sleep.


i am beki said...

napupuyat kakalaro ng x-box o napupuyat dahil sa nauseating cheesy moments!


i had the same weekend ... no rest at all

MakMak said...

MUA2 sucks. Finished it in one sitting.

domjullian said...

Domjullian can't relate.

m2mtripper said...

Hindi ako gamer kaya can't relate din ako. Hehe.

Sims (sa Mac & PSP) lang ang pinagpupuyatan ko dati.

i am beki said...

@m2mtripper - uuyy fellow mac user na may onting game! hahaha. kampai!

re-reading this post reminded me of the disidia game i have to upload to my psp. hehehe

Galen said...

Ayus meron na pala DVD orig na Star Trek. Saan ka nakabili parekoy?

xtian1978ii said...

hangang ngayon nakikilaro lang ako ng xbox, wii at play station huhu

pwede makilaro sa inyo? :D

wanderingcommuter said...

oldschool pa din ako e. pokemon nintendo! hahahaha!

Mike said...

Super Mario 2 sa family computer, meron kang bala? meron pa kasi akong console nun. hehe!

Rie Ishida said...

Dragon Age Origins...? Parang Fable ba yan? I really wanted to get that game... kaya lang wala kong XBox eh... kakasawa na rin kasi mag console gaming... hehe...

Maxwell5587 said...

fave ko sa tekken si law, reminiscent of bruce lee kasi para sa akin eh, pati si nina and yoshimitsu. when i first played tekken way back on PS1, i remembered friction burning my thumb because of the rapid pressing of the buttons. gusto ko kase manalo eh, haha.

nalaro ko yung marvel ultimate allicance 1 sa ps2 and i liked it. come to think of it, di ko pa nalalaro yung MUA 2, makahanap ng ng cd nun one of these days.

anteros' dominion said...

marvel ultimate alliance 2 at street fighter 4..aba, mukhang panahon na upang dumalaw sa mga kaibigang pirata...

namamasko po!


rudeboy said...

May wii ako, bagung-bago. Apat na buwan na hindi ko pa rin ikinakabit.

May PSP ako, nangungulila sa drawer.

Pinagsawaan ko na ring patayin si Lara Croft 10,000 ways till Sunday.

Masaya na siguro talaga ako sa TextTwist.

i am beki said...

@rudeboy - ganun talaga kapag medyo alam mo na .... mom ko rin eh masaya na sa TextTwist at sa luxor games. hehehe.


the geek said...

well, as what i have said, you are a geek of different specie..

i cant relate to this post, engel.hahaha

engel said...

geek: sorry naman, ako yung bobong geek kasi. more on pop culture than the smart stuff ;)

beki: are you implying rudeboy is old?! =D

rudeboy: inaaway ka ni beki oh!!! yaan mo pagtatanggol kita, basta ba bigay mo sakin yung psp mo. yun lang, kahit di na yung wii! =P

anteros: yup, kaya lang di ko pa siya kaya recommend, kasi di ko pa sila nalalaro. =)

maxwell: ako gusto ko din si law, but i like jin much better. too bad, hindi ko na alam yung mga moves niya. =(

rie: depende sa tao yan, ako siguro dahil yan nalang remembrance ko ng kabataan, di ako magsasawa dyan.

mike: never akong nagkaroon ng family computer noong bata ako. =(

ewwik: i never fot into that game. even til now. sigh.

xtian: sure text mo lang ako kung kelan mo gusto.

galen: sa astro plus sa megamall. yung binili ko yung special edition. 1.5k =)

beki ulit: gusto ko yan. final fantasy! sabi nila maganda daw yun. kaya lang wala ako psp.

m2mtripper: baligtad tayo, never got addicted to any pc or god games. mas gusto ko joystick kesa keyboard.

dumenec: ok lang yan, you're not alone. =)

makmak: i think i'll need a whole weekend to play that game. yung 1st nga, di ko pa tapos laruin. =)

beki ulit: thanks for commenting 3x. =D napuyat ako this weekend because of both i should say. and nagparty kami ng friends ko. la masyado cheesy moments ngayon. ;)

m2mtripper said...

@ engel: Ibang joystick kasi ang interest ko e. Ahahay! :P

@ beki: Haha. Apir! Isama mo na rin pala ang Diner Dash.
AMP, ang baduy ng mga alam kong games. Haha.


Eternal Wanderer... said...

Engel: so when do i get to play with your parrot?

Rude: ditto with your light saber.

Xtian: laruin mo ako. please.

M2M: pwede rin ba kitang laruin? ;)

anteros' dominion said...

@engel:ang totoo niyan, mas sanay akong magsulat sa wika ng mga banyaga

subalit dahil itong blog na ito ay pagsisimula ng bagong bahagi ng aking buhay, sinubukan kong gumawa ng lihis sa nakasanayan

salamat nga pala sa malimit na pagbisita rito.

sana maging mas malimit pa ang pagsusulat mo...

engel said...

anteros: walang anuman. basta ba malimit ka mag-update, malimit din kitang bibisitahin. =)

ternie: the parrot is just there, he/she can be pet anytime, just ask. =D

m2m: ako din ibang joystick ang gusto ko. =P

the geek said...

*reacting violently* hahaha

naks, binaliktad mo naman.


xtian1978ii said...

@engel talaga? promise yan?

@ternie rough ako makipag laro baka hindi mo kayanin

engel said...

xtian: promise po. just send me a message kung kelan mo gusto. ayt?

geek: di naman, just pointing out the obvious. pagtabihin mo blog natin, mine is very shallow. =)