Thursday, November 5, 2009


This is not a cheese post. Not entirely.

Recently, Engel's been scouring youtube to find videos of Vice Ganda. He's seen the stand-up comic on tv and he's really impressed. But his live shows are just hilarious. Engel's mother almost dialed the mental institution to have her son picked up because he just can't stop laughing whenever he remembers scenes from clips posted online. Have you seen the one with JJ Helderbrand (spellcheck please)? That was comedy gold.

Last weekend, Engel hit another low when it comes to his comic book expenses. Believe it or not, Engel bought P4000 worth of comic books in just one purchase. That's a month's worth of comic books in one day. Darn you Marvel and DC for your Blackest Nights and Old Man Logans and all your expensive comic books!!!

Engel have been hearing some things about what people have been saying about his blog. He's flattered that some people have taken interest in his blog, as well as it's writer. But he thinks it's not really well-deserved. He admits, what he's hearing gives him a little ego boost, but that also means he's just setting up people for a huge disappointment.

He thinks Engel's barely anonymous anymore. He knows at least three people who's already know of his other personality. There's probably more, but you know what, that's fine.

By the way, last night Engel saw ABS-CBN's latest Station ID plug, and the whole time he was keeping his tearducts in check. The message was really moving. He knows that this has been a hard year for us Filipinos, specially those who were hit by all the typhoons that menaced the country. Engel especially loved the song. It was really nice and very appropriate for the season.

Engel and his beau's planning to spend Saturday at his home. Incidentally, that day's his father's birthday.

Now his parents have been noticing that he's a bit blooming these past few days. He spends most of the day inside his room instead of in front of the computer, so they smelled something fishy with their son.

Anyway, forgetting the event on Saturday asked his parents to cook something special on that day. His father then asked if Engel's bringing a girl on his birthday. He actually asked Engel when he plans to have a family and give him a grandson/daughter.

"Good luck" was all he could say. "I'm bringing home a guy friend."

And now some more relatives from the province will be visiting as well on that day. Fuck!!!

Let's see what will happen then. It's gonna be screwed up.

"Mahal, thank god for our breakfast dates."


xtian1978ii said...

good luck Engel. wala pakialamanan pakisabi sa kanila if they'll inquire. It's really nice seeing this bright side of you.

MkSurf8 said...

parang i know you too, hahaha

smile ka lang pag tinatanong. na master ko na yang smile smile na yan. =)

dabo said...

ewan.. kinikilig pa din ako hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

i wish you all the best on saturday. may what ever happen on that day, happen to your liking.

Mike said...

Maygash, Engel, kinikilig ako! Ibulong mo naman sa akin kung anong mangyayari sa saberday! ;-)

john stanley said...

nagkukulong si engel sa kwarto and they smell something fishy? baka naman they smell something like... ay, wag na lang, hehehe!

good luck on your saturdate! =)

the geek said...

ay meet the parents na agad? ang bilis ah.

hi kay beau...hahaha

Eternal Wanderer... said...

necrosha sucks. the only reason i'm reading it is because it involves the new mutants.


blackest night rocks!!! ;)

Sonia said...

aha..the family meet-up! :-) Good luck, engel, have a blast! like they said, just smile..

being in love becomes you.. :-)

domjullian said...

nakaka pressure pala sa family nyo.

Anonymous said...

ako rin, parang na-master ko na yan pag tinatanong ako, either ang sagot ko is,

"saka na yan, papayaman muna, magsisipaglapitan yan pag mayaman na ako"


the ever helpful smile.

rudeboy said...

I'm still rendered speechless by your newfound "In Love" status, engel, so, like your post, allow me to meander with a little apocryphal story.

Remember when Kris broke up with Joey M. and they were supposed to have had this big ugly breakup? Kris was still hosting that show with Korina, so naturally, the First Lady Presumptive just had to have Tetay on their show.

Kris appeared, all puffy and weeping, and in-between emotionally-wracked sobs, Korina remarked, with much concern: "You know, Kris, I've never seen you like this before."

Whereupon I imagined Kris pausing in the middle of tears to say "What do you mean? Without make-up?"

engel said...

rudeboy: =D i didn't see myself being in this position so soon as well. but life sometimes... it doesn't suck. =)

max: we'll see on saturday. ako, i've mastered the art of walking out. =)

dumenec: di naman masyado. birthday lang siguro ng tatay ko kaya ganun.

sonia: awww. thanks.

ternie: i love blackest night too. but i'm interested where things will go in necrosha. kaya lang x-force lang yung bibilhin ko.

geek: mabilis ba? =) beau says hi back!

stanley: clorox?! di naman =D thanks

mike: sige. pero yung mga rated gp lang. =D

dudes: oh i'm sure it will ;P

dabo: =)

mksurf8: why smile when you can walk out. yun ang motto ko. =)

xtian: nagiging corny nako. sorry ha. wala naman kasi ako ibang masulat these days eh. =)

Manech said...

Wow. Meeting the parents. Now that's interesting.

Goodluck, indeed. :D

Yj said...

naku kukuyugin ka ng mga kamag-anak mo niyan...

"Engel, kelan ka mag-aasawa?"


good luck po sa inyo ni mahal mo....

xtian1978ii said...

hindi kaya corny, so happy for you Engel

anteros' dominion said...

ang pagharap sa magulang ng minamahal, maging sa mga straight man o hindi, ang isa sa pinakakinatatakutan ng bawat isang indibidwal (sunod na siguro sa pangamba na baka mahuli sa ginawang kalokohan)

at ang mga ganitong uri ng pagkakataon, bagamat minsan ay nauuwi lamang sa mas matinding kalituhan sa panig ng mga kaanak ang palagi kong iniiwasan

sapagkat sagutin ko man o hindi ang kanilang mga katanungan, hindi rin naman nila maiintindihan...

o baka naman sadya lang hindi iniintindi.

bahala na si batman

ash said...

the blog, the writer, or the parrot? :)

anonymity is a sacred trust. but doesn't blend well for a public figure.

and when in love, as if you care if the whole world is against you. its just gonna be you and the beau. ;)

theLastJedi said...

oh crap, have i been gone that long? not single anymore huh? and may eksena ng "meet the parents"? wow, where I have been lately? ehe

i am not goin' to say im happy for you, for it goes without saying that I am. All i can i do is pray for both of you, that you'll be able to figure out the todays and tomorrows together. =)

The Scud said...

ang gastos pag comics ang hobby mo. buti na lang di ko nagustuhan yan. ako naman bili ng bili ng books kahit alam ko after 5 years ko pa sila mababasa sa haba ng queue. nyahaha.

have a great week, engel!

engel said...

scud: di nako masyado nakakabili ng books ngayon. although last book ko was yung sinulat ni Dan Brown na bago.

last jedi: you've been travelling asia jedi. di ka man lang nagpaalam, tapos di ka din nagbigay ng pasalubong!! =) still looking forward to that coffee you'd be treating me to. =D

ash: so true. hey, one day i'll write about the beau. and probably something more. who knows.

anteros: salamat sa iyong nosebleed na kumento kahit tagalog =D pero gaya ng sinabi mo, bahala na si batman.

xtian: salamat. xtian, lam mo na. kung kailangan mo kausap, andito lang ako, ayt?

yj: buti na lang walang mga nanguyog noong linggo. hahaha

manech: thank you. and welcome to my blog.

xtian1978ii said...

thanks Engel