Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Engel's starting to believe Rudeboy when he says that Engel's straight.

Maybe he is. Aside from the attraction with the same sex, there's really nothing much that could identify him as someone who'd be attracted to the male species. At least none in this fathersucker's opinion.

Apart from Glee and Gossip Girl (which are just guilty pleasures), he watches alot of action oriented television shows. He plays alot of video games and not those girly girly role playing games. He plays straight shoot em ups and survival horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. He dresses up sloppily. Apart from the occasional moisturizer, he doesn't put anything on his face. Hell, he's even fine not shaving his face for a week. He does not and probably will not worship divas. He doesn't even have gay friends. Acting like a screaming faggot makes him look like an idiot, and comes off really unnatural. He can't even picture himself wearing something girly (god forbid if ever that happens). He drinks, owns a beer belly, collects Batman comics and had sex with a girl.

Damn, maybe he is straight.

One of these days he'll need to figure out if he's a straight guy going through a gay phase or a gay guy not yet ready to let go of the straight ways.


i am beki said...

can't say much here.

i just wish you good luck with "finding your inner self" and identifying what you really are and what you really want in life!


r u s s said...

You may seem a bit confused to me, but in a way, I think you know what you really want so ─ go for it. All the best!Ü

engel said...

hey, sorry Engel's not confused. He's just making fun of himself.


john stanley said...

eto ang drama ng buhay natin:

i kissed a girl and i liked it.

i kissed a boy and i liked it so much better.

good luck to us.

Jay Quiambao said...

good luck!

domjullian said...

Bakit ako I'm not fond of video games and action films.

Mike said...

Apir! Don't cha worry!

Di ka nag-iisa. hehehe!

Knox Galen said...

The moment you mentioned Gossip Girl and Glee, thought to myself.

"Okay. He's not straight indeed."

Imagine my situation. I go overboard with Alternative Music, I watch Sci-Fi shows, I'm rugged with my appearance, I lift weights far heavier than my straight counterparts, I flirt with girls on a straight club, I hang out with boys especially in a drinking session.

Yet, I'm fine giving a head to a guy.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

ay trust me.

outward appearance does not define.

some of my best friends are macho as hell. they have kids and and wives.

yet they suck cock big time if they like the guy hahahahhaha

rudeboy said...

Oh, wow, may special mention ako kay engel. I'm touched - for the very fiiiiirsssttt tiiiime!

Nah, engel, you're probably just a manly man who happens to enjoy other men. Being gay can take many forms, but those classifications would need an entire posting.

And you still haven't told us what's on your iPod.

<*period*>; said...

to borrow boy abunda's famous line..kaibigan, halika, usap tayo.

im serious kuya engel.

bonding tayo minsan.

id like to hear more of your stories

engel said...

period: one day. ;)

rudeboy: what's on my ipod? i wish i have an ipod.

ew: getting married andliving a normal life. let me think about it.

knox: having a well defined body is not a sign of being straight anymore. not in awhile anyway.

mike: that's good to know. =)

dom: i think you're the type of guy who's more into smart people stuff.

jay: thanks.

john: kissing a boy is soooo much better!! =D

rudeboy said...

knox: having a well defined body is not a sign of being straight anymore. not in awhile anyway.

TOO TRUE hahha!

'Ika nga sa item No. 5 sa manifesto ng

5. Ang tunay na lalake ay walang abs.

<*period*>; said...

huh? kuya engel..this is a long overdue post..dapat po last month ko pa ipinost, kaso natripan ko munang ipost yung mga nakakatawa kong istorya...

the geek said...

bridget jones will say: hurrah!!!

xtian1978ii said...

iba-iba talaga lang talagay ways.

I don't s*ck but I like f*cking boys more over girls lol

Solo said...

You are the only one who knows who you really is and what you like. Follow your heart. ;D

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Anonymous said...

i guess it's because we're genetically male by default. i mean we were pooped out in this world as a boy and then from there we wandered away, slowly, into the other side.

engel said...

maxwell: i think i'm still male... 70/30 probably. ;)

solo: that's true. and i am.

xtian: =)

geek: i don't understand why, but okay. that's good. i think. =D

period: okay.

rudeboy: so true. so true. =D

theLastJedi said...

' i remember the lion king with that song "when will my reflection show who i am inside?" or wuz that mulan? naahhh.. basta, kaw si engel and straight or gay, we'r having coffee before the elections.. =)

citybuoy said...

maybe you are. i think you have just as much right as everyone else to change your mind. :D

Knoxxy said...

Seems like your a pretty gay guy to me. Im almost the same way:

1. I slept with a girl before
2. Love video games
3. No screaming faggot here
4. Dont care much for what I wear my whole wardrobe is one week worth
5. Dont drink though. [dont like the taste lol]

But I gay. Guess the right word there is discreet gay. :P