Saturday, October 17, 2009


Because of certain things (positive things) that transpired in the office last night, we were dismissed early by our boss. Now that's something that's rare, given my job. You see, with the type of work we do, we are required to fulfill our duties during the entirety of our workday. Anyway, I'm not going to talk about that. My job is boring and uninteresting. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, it's just something I wouldn't want to be blogging about. I did rant about my boss before, and that's because he's a stupid ass (thankfully I have a new boss).

Alright, going back to the topic, so what do young urban professionals do, when they find themselves free for the rest of the evening on a Friday night? Of course, we went Bible Studying!

No we did not.

We went to a karaoke bar. Got ourselves tipsy and sang all the stresses of the past six weeks away. But because of the place being not that affordable, and at 12:40am the night is still early, the group decided to change venues. Some people decided to go to a comedy bar up north, some to have coffee, others to join another group in a different karaoke bar. I didn't feel like going somewhere far from where I live. While waiting for a ride home, I was actually torn on where to go next.

Two places sounded really interesting for me then. Malate and a gay bar. I've never been to both (well I've been to Malate twice I think), and since I have the money and the time, I thought why not. I thought for once in my life, do something fun. Something spontaneous. Something you've never done before. Something different.

The gay bar was the first choice. Naked men with girating bodies in front of me sounds exciting. Besides White Bird is just one ride away from home so I won't have a problem going back to our house after. But then again, I'm not an old fag who's looking for a young stud to make his scholar. And I've been to a straight bar before and the experience was really not that nice. The main star was ugly, and there was no live show. What if that bar's the same. Only with men in it? And I've read that if you want to really enjoy your stay in a place like that, you have to be ready to shell out some serious dough. I won't have that. Plus, I was a little bit horny, and would extremely be disappointed if I go home empty handed.

So then I thought of Malate. I've been reading of bloggers hooking up in that place. Going wild. Flaunting their sexuality without fear of being discriminated at or making fun of. I've read of people tripping in male rest rooms. Giving and being given a blowjob just for the heck of it. Again, I was horny, this would be a place where I'd get lucky. But then I'm alone. If I failed on my quest to get laid, there'd be no one to pick me up. I mean I don't know the place. I don't know where the best bar is. Or where the best rest room to hook up with someone is. And that place, that place will be enjoyed much better if I am with friends. And no matter how nice some of things I've read about Malate is, I've also read of people getting mugged, stabbed or even killed. I'm not even dressed to party in a place like that.

I decided to take a cab home.

I think I'm not yet ready for that kind of lifestyle. Being a boring introvert, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the experience if I went there.

One day, I'll be spontaneous. I'll let the other head do thinking. Who knows, right?

Maybe next time.


rudeboy said...


Thanks for this post, engel. You made me laugh. You may not be spontaneous, but this post certainly sounded off-the-cuff, relaxed, and fun.

I don't like gay bars of the White Bird variety because I end up heckling the dancers. But Malate can be fun and discreet - you just have to know where to go.

Knowing our fellow bloggers, I'm sure you'll have plenty of willing and able guides when you're ready to party.

dabo said...

hehehe..sana nag try ka sa gay bar. never been there pa din hehehe..

anyway you wrote a deeper you in a very simple way, a humbling experience between choices and gratitude about small things...

and it makes you an interesting autobiographer.

r u s s said...

Nothing wrong with not being spontaneous. You'll find the right time and the right place. I wish you the best.Ü

i am beki said...

great post!

no pretensions. just plain old laid back story tellin'

uhmm i think you think too much of the pros & cons of your action. life is too short. just jump in or take a leap!

Eternal Wanderer... said...

sometimes, you'll be srprised where you end up if you let your other head do the talking ;)

Anonymous said...

Engel! Spontaneity is not the key! It is only next to desperation! After doing a lot of thinking - wondering and triggering curiosity - desperation will kick in. Then before you know it, you'll have all the courage you have never imagined and you'll see that spontaneity will no longer be a problem.

Rudeboy's right, a lot of people here are willing to lend a hand to guide you and THIS is something you should not take for granted. ;)

engel said...

EW: hopefully it's in someone else's bed? =D

beki: one of my weaknesses, i think too much.

russ: not that i'm saying it's wrong, but one day i'll surprise myself.

dabo: thanks for thinking this is interesting. i am reminded again why i put this blog up in the first place.

rudeboy: i'm not even sure if i'll be able to meet up a blogger from this side of the blogverse. but i do hope that happens.

engel said...

goodboi: i'm not really desperate to go to these places. that's miles away from my comfort zone.

you of all people should know i'm curious. stuff like these when opportunities arise, they come in.
it's not like everyday i think about going to a gay bar. =)

Galen said...

Going to Malate achieves two things: You can watch gogo boys gyrate their bodies better than macho dancers do (believe me dude, went to Classmates before and I got bored watching skimpy clad ladies dance to the beat of [insert a pop artist here] at least sa Coyote Bar, the girls on top of the bar table were more energetic)

Anyway, if you really want some action, go there ALONE. You wouldn't imagine how tamed I am when I'm with someone (except for Lukayo who've seen how I brought down the house. Hahaha.) Never hesitate to strike, and expect the unexpected.

Kapag nataong nasa mood ako and I'd be able to capture the spirit, I might write an entry how it truly felt like the first time I found myself a step away from the entrance door of Mint.

john stanley said...

there are places that are best experienced alone for the first time. yup, malate and gay bar included.

kamote_ako said...

Why don't you try to attend a Bible study. Maybe it will lighten up your day. =D

Of course i'm kidding! =D Well, why not? Whatever makes you happy then go for it!

Niel Camhalla said...

You need gay friends (not to sleep with but) to show you the ropes. If not for gay friends, I could have been a totally repressed psychopath.

chubskulit said...

Yeah, maybe nest time!

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<*period*>; said...

kuya engel, ive never been to malata..but i surely wnated to go there

but the stupid me, hindi ko alam kung paano pumunta sa malate

and yes, kuripot ako kaya ayoko magtaxi from quezon city papuntang malate

wait said...

just be who you are : )
and drink water hehe

Knoxxy said...

Same here. i gotta get out more! :P

engel said...

knoxxy: us homebuddies should go out more often. we miss out on alot.

wait: water? anyway thanks for visiting.

period: ok lang yan, makakarating ka rin dyan. =)

chubs: sure sige magvote ako.

niel: you're absolutely right. i need to hang out more with people like us.

kamote: a friend's been inviting me to join ccf or victory, i don't remember. sabi ko i talk to God in my way, alam ko naman na mabait akong tao.

john stanley: that's right. all in right time i guess.

galen: when i'm physically ready to conquer malate, i won't hesitate to do so and to write about it. will look forward to your post galen.

Anonymous said...

"when was the last time you did something for the first time".

i can't help but hear this particular airline ad in my head whenever i think of malate. i've always wanted to try it as well, especially those PLU friendly places, but the fear kicks in first before i know it.

Fine Life Folk said...

YOu can get spontaneous with food. Try sampling varieties in a week and you will find your whole month exciting. Food trip is an amazing activity.

Anonymous said...

try to live like you are on the edge of the cliff...feel the adrenaline rush.

but don't allow yourself to jump or fall.


Knoxxy said...

Lets go out sometime!!! :D lol

engel said...

knoxxy: =D

geek: maybe that will be my new year's resolution.

FLF: believe me, food and me, we're best friends!!

maxwell: same here bro. same here.

xtian1978ii said...

The first time I went to BED I was caught off guard. Para akong ulam na nilagay sa mga gutom na mga lions. Grabe, hindi na ulit ako umulit. I mean hindi pa naulit pagpunta ko dun, siguro mas ready na ako lol.

theLastJedi said...

' it really takes a certain amount of courage or determination to do things for the first time.. well, at least you have the guts to know that next time, you'll be more swell..
- ang tindi din naman ng kontrol mo sa sarili no? being horny is enough motivation for me sometimes.. ahahahahaha

citybuoy said...

i love how this post feels like taking a ride in your train of thought. you may not be spontaneous enough to go crazy on a friday night but at least the thoughts are there.

small, baby steps. :D i'm not a big fan of malate or strip clubs but i'm sure given the right circumstances, i may just give it another shot.

lin said...