Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was in the middle of writing this long anecdote about me being torpe when I got tired.

I got tired of thinking of something to write.

You see I'm stressing over stuff at work and other things. That I don't want this, the only thing I'm passionate about, to be another cause for stress.

So borrowing the style from the book of The Closet Geek, I thought to keep it short and simple.

When you're tired of being single. When you're tired of watching happy couples inspite of the troubles of their relationships. Would you settle for a guy who's been throwing himself at you, when you know you can do... you deserve someone better?


rudeboy said...

Interesting dilemma.

Are we gonna go with the one who loves us? Or are we gonna wait for the one we love?

I have no answers, alas.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

Engel: you just might miss the last train out of Singleville.

on the other hand, if the train is bulok naman, can i opt to ride the cab or the jeep instead?

tee hee

the geek said...

dont force yourself to write. let inspiration flow, words will follow.

and let me share this:

"when you know you deserve the king, why settle for the prince?"

smile, smile lang.

MakMak said...

You know the answer to that question, Engel. You're just scared, and for all the wrong reasons, I might add. I think. :-)

With my record, I promised myself that I'll never settle, ever. Then again, that's just me. Haha. :-)

Malay mo, matutunan mo rin siyang mahalin? :P

Do tell us what happens next...

MakMak said...

@the geek: I just have to add this. I love that line that you shared. :-)

Mr. Scheez said...

@Geek - ditto!

Random Student said...

(Nakikigulo) ang tunay na pag-ibig ay pure kahit saan man ito magmula at mag-landing kaya kung anu man ang raket mo love-wise, make sure you are passionate about it and no second thoughts.

period said...

hi kuya engel...malungkot ka parin aking kuya?hmmm,,labas na lang tayo minsan at gimik naman para hindi ka puro trabaho

i am beki said...

a dilemma will only be a dilemma if we put too much thoughts on it.

i'd say, jump in! take a leap. and once you're there, try to wade it through ... either wade your way out or wade yourself deeper, then at least you can say "at least i tried". time well spent don't you think?

Galen said...

In matters of the heart, I would rather wait for love than pretend feeling affection for someone when the truth is, I'm not.

Siguro sa case ko, I could afford to wait.

Sonia said...

Nope, I wouldn't settle. I never did. I always believed that I'd be happier with someone I wanted to be with, rather than someone who just happened to be available.

Mike said...

Oh, I was amazed by your thought and those who made comments.

Here's my 2 cents worth, there's no such thing as perfect relationship, all you have to do is to be contented with your partner.

domjullian said...

Kainis naman. guy ang topic, girl na last post e.hehehe.

saken, I must admit, at my age, andaming pressure for me to settle down plus my kid (although his mom's cyber mommying him) ay kailangan ng nanay na andyan talaga.

Being single opened a lot of good things for me though (1)I think I'm enjoying and doing great being tatay and nanay to my kid. (2) I get to spend some luxury time for myself w/o worrying abt a nagging wife. (3)pwede akong mag ka crush at ligawan yung mga babaeng tipo ko. (4) I take full control of myself, my money, work all day long, party sometimes.

pero syempre, I get envious as well whenever I see happily married friends or couple.

4 years na akong single, come what may.happy ako ngayon with my kid.can't ask for more.

The Scud said...

antay ka lang. huwag magmadali. darating din yan.

Iurico said...

Kung nakapila ka sa Mcdo at umorder ka ng chicken specifically mentioning "thigh part" pero binigay sa'yo "wing part" at alam mo naman na mabibitin ka lang sa "wing part" - tatanggapin mo ba? hahaha - pangit ng analogy ko. I guess, what Im tryin to say is, dont settle for anything less.

engel said...

lurico: point taken. ok lang yung analogy mo, what's important was the message was sent through.

scud: i hope so.

kuya dom: if you're looking for chic stories, i only had 2 gf's. i've only written one. i'm actually looking forward to turning 30, believe it or not.

mike: there's no such thing as a perfect anything. it's up to you to consider a person or moment perfect.

sonia: guess if we haven't found the one, we'll just have to be patient, right?

galen: if you have a body to die for, then you can afford to do so. but what if you're just a regular guy?

beki: i'll give some thought to what you said. that's really interesting.

period: don't get me wrong, hindi ako malungkot.

random student: so you're saying i should wait?

scheez: =)

mak: i'll keep you updated. no worries, but i'll think about it.
oh, think about my offer. =P

geek: really thought-provoking quote. but then again, what if the prince is hotter than the king?

EW: i'm only 27. and i think i age like wine. LOL!

rudeboy: the one we love, who we haven't met yet, and we're unsure even exists.

xtian1978ii said...

look for someone you think you deserve and deserves you. kase if you settle sa kung sino available kahit gaano kadami ang time you spend together parang you'll living a lie kase you don't really feal for that person.

Anonymous said...

it's one of those writer's block days i guess.

tough question.

but i think my answer would be, no.

necessity is different from love.

i would like to commit with someone because "i'm falling" not because i have to "fall".

theLastJedi said...

' what if that "someone better" doesn't deserve you? it will just be a vicious cycle wherein you'll find out that at the end of it all, you're just happy that you took the ride rather than being passive through it all..

period said...

sensiya na kuya engel, mababa ang level of comprehension ko this days..

engel said...

period: =)

jedi: so you're saying i should take the leap? but it's hard to do it with someone you're not really interested in.

maxwell: that's true.

xtian: thanks, i will post an update regarding this soon.

citybuoy said...

"That I don't want this, the only thing I'm passionate about, to be another cause for stress."

I totally agree. I've been rehashing this post for days now until i gave up. i stopped when i realized blogging shouldn't be stressful.

as for the major point, it's something i've pondered for quite some time now. i think there's nothing wrong with knowing you deserve better. i've tried settling for someone i kinda liked. it was more of a 'sige na nga' moment. total nightmare. wouldn't want to wish that on anybody. hehe