Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Once upon a time, Engel was a bonafide straight guy. He dated girls and even had the balls to enter into relationships with them. Well, he actually only had two. None of which lasted longer than a year. Half, he didn't even take seriously. This post is about that half.

Engel met Apple through a high school classmate back when he was still in college. Back then, he was trying to fit in with the crowd. Almost everyone from his class during his sophomore year was already in a relationship, or is courting somebody. He wouldn't have that so he thought he'd join the girlfriend bandwagon.

He hooked up with his high school classmate who's got a treasure trove of female friends. He was introduced to the girl who his former schoolmate thought would get along very well with Engel. Apparently, his classmate thought high of him and was paired with this beautiful girl.

Apple was really pretty. She's highly intellectual and above all, she talks alot. Someone Engel would really like to hangout with because he's the total opposite. He didn't take the pair up lightly because he really wanted to have a girlfriend at that time. So he did what he does best. He modulated his voice and totally made himself sound like an Amboy. It may have been the innocence that came with age but she bought it.

Anyway two weeks after meeting each other they became an item. That was the second time they saw each other. He won her over by forwarding sweet quotes and at one time singing to her over the phone. Of course they were constant textmates and phone friends. But because of their busy schedule they weren't able to see each other. They only communicate through text. But the dates became non-existent. One month of nothing but forwarded messages, occassional how are you's and phone flirtation. So instead of moving the relationship forward, it was growing backwards.

They tried to work things out, but when things aren't meant to be, it just won't. So the second official date that Engel and Apple had became their last. They broke up.

Engel wonders now what became of the girl. If things worked out with Apple, this day would've been their 9th year anniversary. Engel probably wouldn't be worrying about getting exhausted of being single. But then he'd be living a lie.

Engel is reminiscing because he remembered this day. On October 13, he became a girl's boyfriend. She wasn't the first, and she wasn't really that special. But she was the last remnant of the days when he treaded the straight path.


rudeboy said...

Awww, Engel. If things had worked out with Apple, you might have had kids by now. And you'd be one of those married men who have sex with men on the side.

Then again, life's full of tough choices. Apples and oranges.

Still - how nice that you remember your anniversary, short as the relationship was.

Mike said...

I also entered a straight relationship 5 years ago. We've been together for almost a year before she left me.

Anyway, if you are happy with what's going on with your life now, so be it. No regrets and enjoy it.

OT: malapit nanaman ang finals sa ncaa!

domjullian said...

ayun naman pala e.

Jay Quiambao said...

I remember too those dates when I was girls' boyfriend. Before, they know that I am bisexual but accepted that fact nonetheless.

xtian1978ii said...

I still have problems getting over my last. she's happily married now and very pregnant. I used to love her so much, maybe I still have feelings for her.

Anyways, engel I'm glad that you shared your story. I'm also glad that it didn't last long because sayang lang ang time na iginugol ninyo sa isa't isa kase you don't really have feelings for her.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

Ex-girlfie now has two kids.

I now shiver a the thought "what if i became the dad of her kids?"



Solo said...

Oh, that time you should be a father already. Playing with your own kids and your wife. But i you are now happy too. Just enjoy it. ;D

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period said...

HUGS, KUYA ENGEL!i think you could use one of those right now..lablab kuya engel..muwaaahhh

Anonymous said...

i just smiled when i read the word apple. hehehe


Anonymous said...

"i kissed a girl and i didn't like it..."

i kid, i kid. i just couldn't help but think of this song while reading this one. ;)

period said...

@KUYA ENGEL..truth of the matter is, i come up with weird, and sometimes funny posts, during my loneliest of about irony...

engel said...

maxwell: on the contrary when i kissed a girl, i actually liked it. i just like kissing men better. =)

geek: i wonder what about the word apple made you smile?

period: thanks.

solo: maybe if i pursued it. but that's all in the past. All we can do is move on and look forward to tomorrow.

EW: ano nga kaya ano?do you think you'll make a good dad?

xtian: who knows, maybe i'd be happy if i pursued her, yeah?

jay: good for you that they accepted you.

KUYA dom: =)

Mike: yup. number one ulit tayo right? three for three for us, i hope!

rudeboy: funny story, i was actually in the toilet when i remembered this. =)

citybuoy said...

always nice to remember. haha it would be nice to do a gwyneth ala sliding doors. what would happen if engel never went the gay way? two engels walking around. hmm.. interesting concept.

xtian1978ii said...

don't know dude, I guess we'll never know.