Monday, February 1, 2010


So it's February.

The Chinese New Year.

Valentine's Day.

Normally, this is a good month for me.

Work's going to be a little bit less stressful, as I'll be undergoing another series of training in line with an upcoming promotion (don't congratulate me yet, it also means more work for me). Oh yeah, and it's been confirmed I'll be transferred again in a couple of months. I'll be going back to my old department (which is essentially delivery status only more complicated).

Oh yeah, training will be exciting because I'll be in the same class as crushie!!! As if something will happen between us. But the prospect of finally interacting with him is exciting. So wish me luck on that.

I have no date on Valentine's Day. No prospect. And I don't really care anymore. It would be nice of course if there is. But I've learned not to make a big deal out of it. I'll just let the teenagers, indays and badongs have their day of fun.

I'm not bitter!

I'm just thankful January's over. Too much to look forward to this month. New video game out in a few weeks. Hopefully my salary increase for the year will be as acceptable as last year's. I'll find out by the end of the month. It's likely that I'll be travelling up north by the last week of the month. And oh yeah, I have another four day weekend this month.

And of course, in a few weeks I'll be turning 28.

I'm expecting gifts!!! =P


Anonymous said...

how about date ng mga single? hahahaha. diba? wala lang. kung pede yun aba GO ako. LOL.

sana eh matuloy ang promotion :D

peripheralviews said...

yeeeeeee... hampey bewtdey sa iyo parecoy! hehehehe

john stanley said...

are there any pressures to go out on a date on valentine's?

oh well, maybe it's just me since i haven't had any partners during this season for the last few years.

LOL at my word verif: cheating

Ronnie said...

Edi date with your straight friends this V-day. ganun ginawa ko last year (pero mga wala pa silang partners nun, haha)

Justine said...

advance my fellow piscean...lapit na rin bday ko huhu

rudeboy said...

Oooh, the impending Valentine's Day Massacre. All those poor, unfortunate dateless souls - in pain, in need.

Good thing February's the shortest month of the year, eh, engel?

On the positive side, congratulations on your upcoming promotion, salary hike, and birthday.

domjullian said...

wow! galing! nice birthday gift ang promotion.

kung bibigyan kita ng gift, anong gusto mo galing saken?

engel said...

domjulian: naku wag ka ganyan, seseryosohin ko yan!!! =P

rudeboy: i always try to see the bright side of things. january wasn't a good month, but hopefully things turn out better this month.

justine: bakit ka naman malungkot?

ronnie: last year, i had a straight date. that didn't go too well. =D

john stan: nah. no pressure. maybe when i was younger, pero now, ok lang, tsaka feb 14, la pa kami sweldo sa work so taghirap pa kami nun =D

PV: thanks. and welcome to my blog!!!

jepoy: thanks. sige balitaan mo ako if there's a singles dating thing. =)

Darc Diarist said...

haberdey!!! libre? hehe

Herbs D. said...

hangbitter o!

the geek said...

i am expecting a treat!hahaha

domjullian said...

ano nga? tinatanong ko lang naman

citybuoy said...

natawa naman ako sa ursula the seawitch ni rudeboy. haha

congratulations on the career and the upcoming birthday. seems like everything's going right for u. :D

as for feb, tama. hayaan mo na yung mga inday at badong mag-enjoy. haha i'm not bitter, either.

Justine said...

eh kc engel tatanda nnmn tyo hehehe

Skron said...

This is going to be my 5th year without a date. Which is nice because I'd rather finish Mass Effect 2 that spend money on an upscale fast food restaurant with a chick.

Anyways, advance happy birthday and what new video game are you going to get? BioShock 2?

Mr. Pink Tie said...

Hope this month will be good to you. May you get all the things you've aspired for and more...kasama na dun ang date on valentine's day. haha! :)

engel said...

pink tie: thank you. hope the same goes for you too. =)

skron: trying to decide if i'll go with bioshock 2 or dante's inferno.

justine: i find nothing wrong with growing older. i'm actually looking forward to hitting the big three o. =D

nyl: forgot to write that earlier, Ursula's song stuck in my head this morning because of that comment. =D

domjulian: kahit anong luto mo, wag lang seafood o gulay! tagal ko na gusto matikman yung mga pinopost mo. =P

geek: i think i'm supposed to be the person who should expect a treat from you. =D

herbs: nah. i'm not. seriously!! =)

darc: sure. if you go out with me, i'll treat you. =D

Rei Mikazuki said...

korak. day-off ang v-day. labasan ng mga chimi. hahaha.

anteros' dominion said...

dante's inferno is better than the other one

anong gusto mong regalo?


lee said...

exciting ang february ni engel! =D

kahit walang date oks lng. marami naman tayo lols

the geek said...

at bakit ako ang mag treat, ha? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Kailan ba ang Happy Birthday mo?
Maabutan ko ba yun habang nasa Pinas ako?


Anonymous said...

Kailan ba ang Happy Birthday mo?
Maabutan ko ba yun habang nasa Pinas ako?


Anonymous said...

happy birthday in advance!

Dhon said...

i agree.. me and my partner and my bestfriend (since she has no date) is planning to make "TamBay" in a coffee shop and watch those discreet peeps who are on a date and guess who is top or bottom.. (i know it's mean!) but i am there to support my best friend

engel said...

dhon: yeah, that's mean. =) i hope you won't see me on a date on that day. =P

max: thanks!!

tripper: malapit na!!! =D

geek: regalo mo na sa birthday ko!! =P

lee: oo nga. misery loves company. =D

anteros: naku, di ako namimili, basta galing sa puso. nyak! =D

rei: you're so mean!! =D

Stunted Male said...

i won't apologize for quoting an excerpt of a song that rings true how love is supposed to start: "learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all"

/iambrew said...

go out with your friends. honestly i feel na bitter ka. hehehe...

anteros' dominion said...

meron talaga akong gustong ibigay sa iyo

kaso ang dilemma, hindi naman kita kilala ng personal

at hindi ko alam ang number mo

paano kaya yun makararating sa iyo <*kamot sa ulo*>

taga beda ka, kuya engel?andami kong kaibigan dun

dapat nga dun ako magka-college of law this year, pero mas malakas ang tawag ng panulat kaya sa tingin ko, saka na ang mag-abugasya

wait ko email mo kuya

(nga pala, miss na kita)


Darc Diarist said...

naku, i'd take you on that. sisingilin ko iyang libre. hehe

lin said...


鳳梨酥Blue said...