Friday, February 26, 2010


To ----
I really enjoy talking to you. I never thought for a million years that you're someone who'd talk to me, but apparently you did. And I'm thankful for that. You proved me wrong about my first impressions on you. Although we still have yet to get to know each other better, I just want to say that I enjoy you. Thanks.

To ---------
I've gotten over you a long time ago. I'm grateful to have had friends who would listen to me airing out how disappointed I was with what happened to us. But I understand what you're going through. Your reasons. Everything. I've gotten over you. But I can't help it, there are still days that I miss you. So much.

To ------
I feel it's wrong for me to be attracted to you. I mean, I don't talk to you. You're loud. Rowdy. Flambuoyant. A person I normally wouldn't get attracted to. Oh and you're already taken. But I'm shallow. You greeted me twice on my birthday and that's sweet. But I should not be attracted to you. Nope. I won't. God help me.

To ---
I like you. But I don't think I'll ever measure up to the people you surround yourself with. I'm not good looking. I'm not buff. I'm just a simple guy who likes to write and drown myself in geeky stuff. But I'm nice. I'm smart. I can be sweet. And I'm pretty sure there are alot of good things about me that you might be looking for in a guy. I just hope you see that. I hope you see me.

To ------
You're a good friend. You make me laugh. And I can always count on you to lighten up my day when it's becoming too dreary. And I sincerely want to be your friend.

To ----
I know what I did to you was unfair. And for that I'm sorry.

To ----
I'm happy I've gotten to know you. Back in the days, I wouldn't have thought we'd get along. You being a model and one of those "sexiest bachelors". But you kept in touch after all these years. I didn't think you'd even remember me, seeing how very limited our interactions were. But you did and I appreciate that. I'm happy for you and your wife and your very beautiful daughter. And if there's one thing I'm thankful for putting up a blog, is that it got me to reconnect with you. I got to know you more here than in the four years we spent in school.

To -------
I'm sorry if I uninvited you. I would really want to spend some quality time with you soon. But if you're bringing her, it might be too much for me. Don't get me wrong, I like her. I love her. We get along well. But I want to spend time with just you. I've gotten over you, but I just feel awkward whenever she's with us. I know she knows about me, and me and you and she knows we're just friends. But it's just uncomfortable with me.

Before you say anything, I think I know what you're thinking: ang landi ni Engel.


iurico said...

ai, hindi! jusko hindi pumasok sa isip ko ang word na "landi" habang binabasa ko 'to.


john stanley said...

@iuri, ay susko, ako din! sobra, walang kalandian sa entry na 'to.


bunwich said...

andaming sulat... pwedeng ilagay sa bote at ipaanod sa dagat. hehehe!

balita ko birthday mo daw? Happy Birthday sir. your blog really inspires me a lot. :P

Jepoy Dacuycoy said...

today ba o kahapon ang bday mo engel?

anyway, HAPPY HAPPY BDAY engel :D

mc said...

lucky for you to have met these people who in some ways shaped you on who you are right now =)

wanderingcommuter said...

thats the last word i have in mind... nyahaha!!

happy birthday, engel.

happy birthday, engel.



red the mod said...

And to Him,

Do hurry. And end Engel's wait. He needs the sigh just as much as he needs your embrace. Take him away, as impulsive and passionate as you can afford. Surprise him. He'd like that.

Happy Birthday Engel!

rudeboy said...

Hu-waw! Blind items galore.

I have no guesses.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

tinry ko hulaan pero wala talaga akong magets. haha happy belated birthday nalang ulit. :D

domjullian said...


Victor Gregor said...

Jumped from someone else's blog. Maxwell's, I think. :D

I cannot help but count how many would have received these "letters." Eight. LOL.

imsonotconio said...

i find this sweet!

ash said...


Happy Birthday! And a change of blog suit. nice! :)

Anonymous said...

parang gusto ko din gumawa ng ganito. tapos ipopost ko sa may tapat ng pc sa office, para mababasa niya pag dadaan siya. (parang ako yata ang malandi)

happy birthday

- rom here said...

I love this entry!

Belated Happy Birthday!


Jay Quiambao said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you :)