Sunday, February 28, 2010


The latest popular site on the web community these days is formspring dot something. I've read several posts about it from different blogs all over (well mostly from the PLU community.

I have one. I don't visit it, I was just asked by a blogger friend from the other side of the blogosphere to create one. But I don't really go there. I think I've answered like a couple of questions and that's it.

Anyway, borrowing from the premise of that site, I'm going to let you ask me questions that you'd want to know about me. Post them on the comments section and I will try to answer them on a separate post a week from now.

I know I'm assuming that you're interested to get to know me, but please indulge me on this. This is the one and only chance you've got to interrogate me. I promise I'll try to answer all of them seriously.

So ask away.

On a different note, my birthday week officially ended last night. I'm already broke. Next salary's two weeks away. And I haven't bought a gift for myself yet.

But I did get three of my wishes last night. Plus two who I would've added as well on the list if only one of them posts more often, and the other one if only he visits my blog. =p Which was great. I met some of the people that I've looked up to in this side of the blog community. I don't know if they enjoyed the meet-up, as they had first-hand experience as to how quiet I really am in person.

Anyway, thanks guys!!! I really appreciate last night. It was my pleasure and honor to have met all of you guys. Hope we do this more often.


john stanley said...

you promised to answer, ok?

anong nakita mo sa latest ex-partner mo? hahaha!

seryosong tanong 'yan. =P

Johnny Cursive said...

happy birthday ulit bro! It was nice to meet you! pasenxa ka na ha hindi talaga ako ganun katakaw; gutom na gutom lang talaga. Lagi ako nagugutom pag dumadayo ng south, LOL. Sarap ng pagkain! Sa uulitin! haha

Anonymous said...

at ang aking katanungan ay..

sino iboboto mo pagka-pangulo engel?

i forgot to ask you about it kanina. anyway, thanks ulit ha.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday ulit! it was nice meeting you, finally. :)

what's more, na-pat ko na yung parrot mo, haha.

domjullian said...

utang muna yung wish mo. as soon as I have the guts to cook for others, ikaw ang isa sa mga unang makakatikim.hehe.

bunwich said...

♪♫ happy birthday to you ♪♫

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday! :D

as for the question part, ano yung 3 wishes na nakuha mo nung birthday mo? :p

rudeboy said...

Where did you go and who were the bloggers you were with?

Anonymous said...

thanks for having us over! it was an honor to finally meet engel.

and pet his parrot!

next thing to handdle is rudeboy's light saber teehee

Eisen said...

belated happy birthday. :)

red the mod said...

Looks like blogger meet-up's are the new trend. It's great to finally bond on the physical realm with those whose verbose wisdom have been graciously shared.

Belated happy birthday Engel. To more birthdays and epiphanies to come. May this new year bring you, and your circle/s, closer.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

haburdey! :D umeexpand na ang social circle mo! :D

engel said...

come on people, no questions?! i want to be challenged!! =D

btw, thanks for the greetings again!!

the geek said...

i dont have questions but i have to ask for a birthday treat.hahaha

kidding! ;)

Anonymous said...

engel, here's my question...ahihihi

can i have ur number? so i can txt u kapag may lakad na, at maimbayt ka namin para sa meet up?


tim said...

oh, okay.. serious matters!

do you believe that you as a gentleman won't kiss and tell?

you sure with this?

domjullian said...

can you name the unnamed from last posts? hehe

Jay Quiambao said...

Hmm, i wanted to ask a nasty question pero eto lang naisip ko eh:

Number mo? Hahaha

Anonymous said...

hey i forgot to greet you,

belated happppy birtydiyyy!!! cheers!!