Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Reading through one hundred posts, I think it's already obvious how much of a geek as well as socially retarded I am. I blame my being an only child for that one. But anyway, this post is not about how dysfunctional I really am, there's like alot of posts here as well as my other blog that proves that fact.

This post I'll geek out again. But not about video games or comics, that's been done too much already. This time, let me talk about my other favorite thing to do. Being a couch potato.

I was raised in front of the television. Hell, I think I got my english speaking skills just because my aunts before were addicted to Dallas, Knotts Landing, McGyver, Baywatch and Beverly Hills 90210.

I don't want to bore you anymore with my history with tv, so I'm just going to list down some of my favorite tv series by genre. I'll start with the sci fi ones. Unleash the geekness in me.

THE 4400
Over several periods in time, people have disappeared out of nowhere. No reasons why, without a trace. Nothing just gone. And then one day, a bright light happened and everyone who disappeared came back. Not only were they back, but they came back totally different. They came back and they now have powers. Now I don't watch Heroes, I think it's too overrated. Too convoluted. And just plain boring. But this one, although there are no superheroes and supervillains, I qualify as a great 'comics' series about what happens if people start having superpowers. It's too bad, the show got cancelled when the story got meatier. Anyway, I love this show. For four years, this was what I watched while waiting for the new year to start.

This is the spin-off of one of my all time favorite sci-fi series. Torchwood is a covert British operative that takes care of extra-terrestrial cases. Captain Jack Sparrow leads a ragtag group of scientist/cops to solve alien murders, succubus beings and time travelling crises all in the name of their organization. Before I got hooked on it's parent show, this was the series that I first saw. Unfortunately, St. Francis Square doesn't have a copy of the latest season and I'm too dumb to know how to download series, so I don't have the means to follow this series apart from online reviews and forums. Oh and by the way, it's lead character Captain Jack Sparrow is gay both in the series and in real life.

I don't know how to explain Lost. Really. But in a nutshell, this is the story of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. I didn't get to follow this series anymore as I didn't have the time anymore to watch full season dvd's unless it's Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Chuck or 24. But from what I saw back then, this show was riveting. It's convoluted I know, and it asks more questions than gives us any answers, but the stories are undeniably great. Brilliant acting, I especially love Ben Linus. Villainy comes just naturally from that guy. One of these days I'll find a dvd of this series and watch it completely.

This one is definitely in the list. I'm a comic book fan, and although I don't read Superman at all, this series fills me in on his history. How Clark Kent became the man he came to be. Yeah I know it's not in continuity, but I think it's close enough. I first got hooked on this series because of Kristin Kreuk, but her character just became boring. Fortunately, the stories did not. And when Olliver Queen (Green Archer) showed up, the series just got more interesting. I'm waiting for the latest season to finish before I buy the dvd, but from what I hear this season's probably the series' best yet. Like I said I'm no DC fan, but when I saw pictures of the Justice Society of America, I just drooled.

Who doesn't know Buffy? This was a pop culture phenomenon. I don't think I need to explain what this story's about. Okay, fine. Buffy's a high school student who finds out that she's the chosen one. Apparently, the chosen one has to kill every vampire, demon, gods and what have yous that come crawling out of the Hellmouth that's situated in Sunnydale California. This series had everything I was looking for in a tv show. Drama. Comedy. Action. Violence. At one point, it even had a musical. Too bad everyone had to move on and this show got cancelled. But this series is one of the shows that I followed religiously. At one point I had to cut some of my night classes to catch a new episode of this series. And by the way, Season 8 of this show is in comics form, and the main villain is Barack Obama. Cool eh?

This for me is the best science fiction series of all time!!! It does help that it is the longest running sci-fi series according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Doctor Who is about the Doctor. A time and space traveller who saves the world from evil aliens, demons, and other sci-fi baddies along with his sexy sidekicks and his trusty TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) his time and space machine. What can I say, this show is brilliant. It's awesome and for me, this made the Brits cool. It's been on for like 40 years or something, and they thought of a really cool way to explain the change of actors who become The Doctor. It's a very smartly written series and even if it's relatively unconventional as compared to American made shows, Doctor Who can hold it's own by it's originality and pure awesomeness. I wish I own a Tardis.


marKURAMA said...

You watching chuck, made me smile.
At least that proves I have a geek in me.


domjullian said...

house pa din ako!

citybuoy said...

i'm surprised heroes isn't here. seems like it's right up your alley.

of all these shows, smallville lang yung na-tripan ko. angas pa ng soundtrack. hehe

Dhon said...

I love will and Grace! :)
i am a big fan of comedy.. Frustrated comedian here!

Anonymous said...

am a Scifi/Family drama, i love Kyle XY. kahit 3 seasons lang :D

the geek said...

hello, engel the geek. hahaha

not really a fan of what were written here but feels good to know i am not the only geek known. ;)

engel said...

BTW, Dr. Who was recreated or reimagined by the same person who created the original Queer As Folk!!!

the geek: yeah, but you're the smarter geek! =D

jepoy: only saw the first season.

Dhon: Will & Grace will have it's own category. One of these days, I'll post it.

Nyl: I'm really not a fan of the show. I find it too boring.

marKurama: Chuck's good. It's like full of geeky stuff, but I don't think it's scifi. It's more of an action show, which will have it's own category as well. =D

the geek said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i am not just a ... geek? hahaha

Dhon said...

@engel -- hehehe.. :) i'll wait for it!

engel said...

geek: come on that's your name. pangatawanan mo na. =P

dhon: thanks.

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