Saturday, October 2, 2010


There's alot of reasons to celebrate this month of October. A lot of reasons to be happy. Let us count the ways:
  • This is the start of the richness months (October til January) at work.
  • Me and my 'kid' will celebrate our first year of knowing each other this month and we'll celebrate by going out of town. Our first out-of-town trip.
  • And we'll be celebrating our 5th month as a couple this month too.
  • At work, this month we'll celebrate our first year of going live on our Operating Unit.
  • Halloween is just around the corner. If Rudeboy will make good on his word, that means I'm about to meet him.
  • October is also 'kid's' birthday month and sembreak. Hopefully we'll see each other more this month.
  • Our clique's second baby will be baptized this month. Too bad I don't have money right now, and won't be able to join them.
  • I like that it's rainy this season. Makes sleeping easier. I love sleeping.
  • I'm excited because Christmas is just around the corner, and I'm not gonna be single this Christmas.
  • This month, some balikbayan friends will be staying over. I remember she has this cute kids for sons. I reckon they'd be teenagers now. Can't wait to see how they look these days, I bet they're hot.


rudeboy said...

First, congratulations on the months of plenty, engel. That reminds me, I have a year's worth of billings to do.

Also, congratulations on your various milestones with your little Bubu.

I like the rain, too, and sleeping while it's raining is yet another thing we have in common.

As for Halloween and my ability to keep my promises, well...I had dinner last night with one of the Fab Four bloggers I wanted to meet. So that's one down, three to go. I hope I remember where I stashed your keychains, though.

Soltero said...

AWWW.... you got me so excited on the last part ahahahah :P

congrats on ur 5th month with ur boo :P

Drei said...

haha! *beep* child abuse

Lots of things to look forward to eh? :)

wanderingcommuter said...

hahahahaha!!! tumatawa ako hanggang ngayon sa list na ito. sira ka! lol...
indeed, there is something to look forward to when you wake up when september ends...

imsonotconio said...

omg pinagnanasahan ang kids lol

Chingoy said...

engel para sa bata hehehe

Jinjiruks said...

blog hopping // good for you nde ka single this christmas // daming events // enjoy the time of your life

Anonymous said...

I'm excited because Christmas is just around the corner, and I'm not gonna be single this Christmas.

how i wish na masabi ko din ito this year. or sana next year.

oh well, goodluck Engel :)

Kane said...

Let's face it, Engel. The best part about this is you're not single this Christmas =)

Here's to more reasons =)


engel said...

kane: well, i'll find more reasons to be happy. you'll be out of the country. pasalubong!!! :P

jepoy: choosy ka ata kasi. you'll find someone. be patient. :)

jinjiruks: welcome to my blog. i know you jeff. :)

chingoy: wag, baka may tumawag bantay bata. :D

conio: of course not. i found out, the kid already has a kid. naunahan pa ako ampotah. :P

ewwik: love that song. :)

drei: i don't deal with minors. lolz.

soltero: thanks. i'm excited sa lahat ng part. :D

ruddie: oi, hope you didn't lose it. told you dapat noon mo pa binigay sakin. :D

Drei said...

don't dea with minors pala ah.haha