Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm sick. Just found out I have kidney stones.

It sucks being unhealthy. I hate it.

And it's really expensive to get sick these days. Stupid clinic doesn't accept medicard. Plus meds. Ugh, I'm bankrupt.

A blog friend recently asked me which of my two blogs is my main blog.

I don't think I have one. Both blogs have different purposes. The other one's almost five years old, and this one's where I can talk about myself more openly without the fear of being misunderstood.

While my sexuality isn't a secret anymore on both blogs, I still don't think the two blogs aren't redundant.

I saw the first episode of Glee yesterday and man did it give me so much goosebumps. The episode itself wasn't really that awesome. But Charice was excellent. I love her Telephone battle with Rachel and Listen.

Makes one really proud of being Filipino.

Too bad she's not going to be a member of New Directions. I hate Rachel.


Pipo said...

Telephone was awesome! Then Sue came. And the scene was A-mazing! Hahaha.

Get well soon. =]

Mr. Brightside said...

I personally don't like Charice, but I have to admit her Telephone performance in Glee has a ngiti factor =D

Drei said...

You probably taking allopurinol for your kidney stones. Modify diet, avoid salty food, and increase oral fluid intake

Louie said...

Long time silent reader of your blog. Ngayon lng naglakas loob magcomment. Hehe. I'm not a fan of either Charice or Glee but been hearing a lot of good feedback so I guess I better give them a try.

And hey take care of your health, mahirap magkaroon ng kidney stones.

Thanks for the very well written blogs, hope to see more of those. :)

soltero said...

oh be well dude, yun nga modify ur diet sabi ni checkup lagi

enjoyed Glee too..hating rachel ahahha :P

Mu[g]en said...

To clarify what Drei said about oral fluids, I think he means water... intake lang.

That's where the confusion comes. You both talk in the same blogs yet you are out in the open... No offense dude, but the reason I asked is because though I see your other blog as the older one, I sincerely think that this is where you are truer to yourself.

I finally know the answers, and yes, take care of yourself.

imsonotconio said...

hopefully ull be ok

Kane said...


They say health is wealth, but when your boyfriend is a decade younger, then it really becomes more crucial.

You know what I mean. =)

And as for your blogs, what is the purpose now of the older blog?


Désolé Boy said...

that is sad Engel. take care of yourself, okay?

Rah said...

ang panget lang kay charice sa glee eh yung pangalan na bingay sa kanya. Sunshine Corazon, wtf?

Eben said...

pagaling ka engel! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the kidney stones, take care of yourself ^_^

The Chemistry Guy said...

better have that stones be gone free... :) get well soon!

Kryptonite User said...

I thought the link might help you dude.

and yes hydration is necessary. Pagaling po kayo.

dabo said...

huy..pagaling ka, look after yourself always.