Friday, October 8, 2010


I think I’m not gonna rant anymore. I tend to get misunderstood.

Had a few responses offline from people who’ve read my blog about the last post. I was just speaking my mind. No, it’s not about another blogger. I’m not angry. I was a bit disappointed about some things I found out about what a friend’s (?) been saying behind my back.

Anyway enough about the rants, I’m all about positivity, optimism and all that crap.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend regarding blog readers the other day. It was really interesting and made me think about the people who read my blog.

It made me think of the profile of the people who read or follow my blog. I’m pretty sure 95% are guys who live alternative lifestyles. But I’d like to know more specifically, what kind of people my readers are.

Like how many are smart? Or how many are shallow? I know I don’t have a lot of ‘fabulous’ bloggers or readers (those who openly flaunt their sexuality), I think they usually flock those sexually charged blogs.

I don’t know, but I think it would be nice to know what kind of people read my blog now… if there are still people who read my blog.

I’m having a hard time finding really interesting blogs these days. There are a few, but they’re like popular. Where are those low profile yet awesome bloggers these days? I miss those writers. New bloggers nowadays seem to be all about getting attention.

Now that made me think, I’ve been following some note-worthy bloggers, reading them regularly because they are awesome. But I haven’t linked them. It’s more like following these bloggers silently. They are great finds mind you, really talented writers.

Am I being selfish not sharing them with the public? I mean if you find something beautiful, it’s meant to be shared, right. But I can’t. Well, more like I don’t want to. Not yet. These treasures are my finds. I’d like to savour them first. They’re not yet corrupted by the idea of wanting to become popular. Their posts are sincere.

Oh and one of them looks kinda hot (yeah I'm stalking, but nothing to worry bout hon. :D).

I’ve lost six pounds in the last week. I have to keep it up; the kid wants me to be fitter. I’m not doing it for him; I’m doing the whole healthy living thing for myself. It was once said, our age difference is eight years, and if I want us to spend more time together I have to start taking care of myself.

I’ve been putting it off, but I’m really going to start working out again really soon. The goal is to get back to my college body.

As far as I can tell, I’m off to a great start.

Getting sick recently helped me lose weight so that was awesome.


john said...

the last part is a good idea. is just a matter of time and management oh well i remember my prof once said that " while you are still young, save your health to gain wealth, bec when you are already old, you will use that wealth to gain back your health."

Soltero said...

But that's what makes you interesting, you are not afraid to speak your mind. That tells you apart from the rest of the bloggers out there.

Congrats on the weight loss, I'm trying to lose 10 lbs too haha...wanna be lean (asa pa e ang tanda na)LOL

Ex Jason said...

it's all about link-building nowadays. i actually started blogging so i can practice SEO and analytics, but my blog became too personal for me to exploit. i'm going to make a new one in wordpress. i heard it's easier to do SEO there.

i'm also trying to lose weight, and i'm not doing it for a guy either.

john stanley said...

oh my, some friends are really meant to do that. bless them... not!

anyway, good luck on your new goal. tedious but rewarding in the long run.

Bleeding Angel said...

Same sentiments with me. I really wanted to know who reads my blog. Lucky some emailed me so we have interaction now online. :) Nice entry sooo love it!

Guyrony said...

Losing weight had always been too difficult especially with a demanding work schedule and what not.

Find your genuine motivation and work from there.

A pat on the back goes to your losing weight.

A slap on the cheek goes to you being sick and losing weight.

P.S. Oh yes, bloggers who post great are a treasure to find.