Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Funny how sometimes you see how couples are such a mismatch, yet they are still able to keep a lasting relationship.

When you look at me and the kid, I’m pretty sure you’d think the same way. This couple’s a real mismatch. I’m 28, he’s 19. I’m a simpleton, while he’s a bit classy (coniotic). He’s really smart, while I’m just smart. I’m kind of big, while he’s kind of small. I don’t even want to take a photo of the two of us together because I look like his uncle.

But we’re still together. Four months in the relationship this month, and one year of being friends the next. After all we’ve been through, who would’ve thought? But we still made it work. We are making it work.

We sometimes talk about why we work out. Why in spite of our differences we get along really well. Here are some of them:

  • We talk. We talk a lot. We talk twice or three times everyday. We talk about everything. We don’t keep things to each other. I let him know that someone once flirted with me in the bus. He tells me whenever I say something stupid. I tell him when he’s wrong. We argue, we bicker and we fight, but we always talk.
  • Speaking of fighting, not that we always do, but when we argue, we make sure that it get fixed the same day or at least the next. We never had an issue that lasted longer than one day. The kid has some anger management issues, and I often just leave him alone when he’s not in the mood. I don’t provoke because the tendency is we’ll just say something that will hurt the other. But at the end of it all, we talk about the problem and we compromise.
  • We don’t see each other often. Because of our schedules, mine with work and him with his school, we rarely get to meet. That’s also the reason why we don’t get tired of each other. Absence does make the heart go fonder. It’s because of that, that every meet-up we have becomes something really special.
  • I guess most importantly, we just love each other. And we let each other know that everyday.

I make him a better man, just as much as he more than completes me.


canonista said...

I like this post, it just made me smile.

Mac Callister said...

thats nice!ten years din tanda ko sa bf ko now,and we're miles apart!

so keep it up. goodluck to us!hhehe

Kane said...

Talk is really important, no? =) I'm really happy for you Engel.

You know... after being a mistress and all... =) Hehehe.

Looks like this Christmas will be warm.


Mu[g]en said...

For me, the whole point of being in a relationship is talk. Once the line of communication breaks down, there's no reason to continue the union.

I am happy for you Engel.

Mr. Brightside said...

Pwede mainggit? Happy for you and your kid =D

paci said...

ako inggit! hehehe.
it takes both humility and patience to open yourself to someone no matter how vulnerable you are. and it starts with establishing a good line of communication. =)

cottonmouth10 said...

i always fond reading your blogs... it's just interesting to see how much were alike, in a very very odd way..hahaha! keep it up..! bless yah'll... from vegas with love!

red the mod said...

How can it be a mismatch? When it feels right? If you really love each other, the issues becomes inconsequential. Things tend to work out by themselves. Of course its not always smooth sailing, but you ground each other. Because both of you know, whatever it is, is trivial. And that it's all worth it.

You can never be perfect for someone. But you can be perfect for each other.

Gaspard said...

this made me smile. Now I'm looking forward on meeting my prince charming (if there still one in existence hahaha)

Keep up the good work you two.

*Kilig much*


A teut a l'heure

Bleeding Angel said...

aw... so sweet, parang ang sarap mainluv tuloy!

arkin said...

okaaaay inggit ako. :) haha. reading this makes it sound so easy. i shall tell my exbf to read this post. hahahaha.

o yes. im still alive ;)

Master Clutter said...

sabi nga ni nina, love moves in mysterious ways. haha!

new reader here!
i love your work!