Thursday, July 1, 2010


- I was a Team Leader for a call center in Ortigas.
- I was not overweight
- the biggest problem I had was having an agent not coming to work or not performing
- I didn't care how I look, except if our bosses come to the office
- I only blog on friendster
- I still had friendster
- I have never heard the term work-life balance
- my goal was to buy a bottle of cologne at least once every quarter
- my best friends in the world were just my colleagues
- it is an unforgivable sin if I miss on buying a comic book
- I'm not sure if I had sex that whole year five years ago
- there was no one else in my mind but Joy
- I started experiencing quarter life crisis
- living alone away from the comforts of my own home was the last thing on my mind.

Maybe alot's changed five years ago as compared to now. Am I a better person after all these years? I don't know.

There are things that I was better at five years ago.

But there's one thing I am pretty sure of, I have grown up.


rudeboy said...

Only one thing is certain, my dear engel: we're all five years older now.

arkin said...

i want to grow up too. :) fast. haha. steroid kaya? lol. 5 years ago, im still straight. HAHA

SOLTERO said...

so at present, team manager ka na? haha oh may ganun ba? not familiar abt call center ops..

5 years ago, di pako mahilig (masyado) magpa bartles & jaymes bwhahhaa :P

imsonotconio said...

i like the last statement

JR said...

you have grown up?! hmmmm....ilang inches? pwede patingin lol

Five years ago, I am still straight - ngayon baluktot na :-( hahaha

orallyours said...

5 years ago i was jobless
5 years ago i was selling fake baller ids on ebay
5 years ago the only blog i read was bryanboy's
5 years ago bakla na talaga ako

Ex Jason said...

Ah, the quarter life crisis.. How did you get over it? Lol.

Rei Mikazuki said...

@JR: Gusto mo patuwirin ko yang iyo? Hahaha. =)

@Engel: Five years since last ako nagpunta diterrr. Miss you Eng-eng. Este Junjun. :)

Nice word verification. quebr =)

Guyrony said...

Is it not that maturity is the benchmark on how we perceive the years gone by?

I'm glad you've grown.

Felipe said...

gusto kong tumangkad.


thecuriouscat said...

5 years ago, started exploring the other side of the fence, and I guess I'll be staying for good hahahaha

SOLTERO said...

oh dagdag pala..

5 yrs ago,di pa ako tuli bwahhaha :P

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

5 years ago, i was in college with nothing much to worry about!

to growth! *cheers*

The Constant Bonsaist said...
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victor said...

Isn't it strange that five years is both too long and too short a time?