Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been avoiding writing cheesy posts here. I have been a reader of cheesy posts from other bloggers, and I almost always want to puke whenever I read them. I don't know if it's the cheese or if deep inside I'm just jealous, but you know what I mean. Sometimes too much cheese isn't that appealling of a read.

But I want to post something sweet. I really do. You know how I don't have that much PLU friends in the real world. The ones I'm close to, I don't get to talk to regularly. And the friends that I can talk to about it, doesn't really understand my situation at all. Yeah, they're happy for me, but they could only take in as much details.

So forgive me if at times I'd be cheesy. You're the only ones who understand.

You know how I maintain two blogs. This one and my straight alter ego. Both ones I have different sets of blog friends. Well, recently I found out that a couple of the straight blogs I follow are owned by not so straight writers.

Blogger 1 is an online crush that I've been following for years. I have not seen his face as he always removes it whenever he posts one on his home. But I'm pretty sure that he's hot. He's got that boy-next-door feel to the pics he has posted. Oh and he's a crooner too. I just don't flirt too much with him because a friend of mine already claims the blogger as his. Even if they really don't know one another.

Blogger 2 is another 'straight' blogger that I stalked for a time. He was funny, witty and writes really straightly. When he outed himself a few weeks ago, it really came as a shock to me because apparently I know his not-so-straight alter ego.

Anyway, this got me doubting if some of the other straight bloggers I follow are really straight. Whenever I follow a straight blogger, I don't put doubts about their sexuality immediately. It's their writing that interest me initially. Call me naive, but I don't put malice on these bloggers unless the signs are too much.

So now it gets me thinking if the straight, single, sensitive male bloggers I've been following are really straight.

But then again, who am I to judge, I effin' have one.

Who knew that making a relationship work requires alot of patience. I mean a LOT!

You have to be understanding, for one because his time is divided between you and school. And I don't want to demand more because I don't want to become a hindrance for him to get that latin honors he wants and so rightly deserves. And I also don't want to make him feel that I'm grabbing him by the neck. But then that also means the time we have with each other is limited. Sometimes I wish time would move quickly so he'll have more time with me.

I guess what I'm saying is that I miss him.

So much.



canonista said...

Congratulations! The two of are still together, and you really feel. Aww... You're missing him. Ain't that nice.

I'm happy for you. :-)

Again, congratulations, for keeping th at relationship alive.

jepoy d. said...


well, engel, hindi mo sila masisisi...yung mga "closet bloggers" alam mo naman ang mga dahilan diba? :)

Désolé Boy said...

cool!!sino yung kelan lang umamin..haha

imsonotconio said...


soltero said...

hmmm sino kaya ung mga closet bloggers na yun... :P

arkin said...

i wish my guy can understand me too. what to do, i feel so inadequate. shiz, student shiz. haha

MakMak said...

Yes, to claiming. :P

wandering tsinelas said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comment.
Parang kilala ko ung isang blogger 1. Hahaha.

iurico said...

The fact that you doubted their sexuality enough for you to blog about it doesnt make you any more naive than I am. LOL

And yes, relationships do require a lot of patience. At dahil wala ako nito, kaya forever yata akong magiging single. LOL

Good luck to you and bf. :-)

engel said...

@canonista: that's my goal this time. at this stage of my life, i think i need to settle na with one person.

@jepoy: yeah. pero still. that was shocking!!! shocking.

@desole boy: he erased his outing post. i don't know why, but sana di na lang.

@imnotsoconio: yeah. thanks.

@soltero: i'd like to know if there are still more.

@arkin: if he loves you, then i'm sure he does understands.

@makmak: i'm backing off.

@wandering tsinelas: i'm sure you do.

@iurico: thanks iurico. appreciate it. :)