Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This was supposed to be my post on the 'other' blog, but I just recently posted an english article there, so I decided to just share the post here. I'm going to geek out big time here, so if you're not into comic books or video games or pop culture, then I advise to just stay away.

Honestly, I'm really torn up right now on how to divide my time. I have work, comic book downloads, series downloads, my new camera, the Kid and this video game to occupy my time. I just came from a two-day leave and felt I didn't really accomplish much.

In total, I've clocked in about 24-hours of game time playing Deus Ex. This is probably one of the most addicting PS3 game I have in my small library. I had to start over because I made a total blunder in my choices, but playing this a second time did not feel like a chore.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you play Adam Jensen, a security chief of a technologically advanced corporation who had to be augmented with hi-tech mechanisms after his company got attacked. His mission now is to find out the truth about the attack.

I am not fluent in the technical mumbo-jumbo that is creating video games, but all I can say is that this game is awesome in all aspects of video-gaming that I know. The visuals are just awe-inspiring. I love that I can interact with almost everything that I can come to. The CGI parts are stunning, this is a very beautiful game.

Like I said, I played the first 12-hours of this game twice, and it did not get old for me. Other games may have played the same way, but this did not. It was like I was playing an entirely new game. It's that good.

If you're a comic book geek like me, then you've probably heard of the 52 initiative of DC Comics. This is one of the biggest news of the year in the comicbook world.

It's basically DC revamping their entire universe and giving us 52 #1 titles in just one month.

I'm no DC follower (I'm obviously a Marvel zombie), but this has got me intrigued. September is the perfect jumping-on point for readers who wants to be familiar with DC or comics in general.

Simply put, a recent event (Flashpoint) has caused the entire DC history to be rewritten and we'll be able to see again how or where characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman came to be.

I'm not totally sold on this idea, if you ask me. This would be like when Marvel decided to un-marry Spider-man and Mary Jane (actually Superman and Lois Lane will be unmarried now too). People say this is a desperate move by DC, but if this will get people to buy and read comics again, then by any means they should go.

I'm cutting down on my comics purchases, so I really don't have enough space anymore for a DC comic. But I'm pretty sure my Thursday downloads will be a bit heavier from now on.

It's September once again.

That means alot of my favorite tv shows are coming back!!! Let me just rundown the series that I'm currently following and shows that I'm looking forward to see in the following weeks/months. If you haven't seen some of the shows and don't want to be spoiled, I guess it's time to stop reading this post.


THE GOOD WIFE: Season 2 ended with Alicia and Will making out in the elevator. I can't wait to find out what happens next. And damn, the teaser for this show is making me drool. It's sexy. Okay, I'm doubting if I'm really gay now. Oh, and House's Dr. Cuddy is in for several episodes this season!!! Yay, Lisa Edelstein!!!

THE WALKING DEAD: Honestly, Season 1's six episodes is a total travesty. I'm glad AMC picked it up for a 2nd season and can't wait to see what's coming in the next 12 episodes. The 4-minute trailer gave us a glimpse of Herschel's Farm and that immediately gave me goosebumps. October can't come soon enough.

THE AMAZING RACE: This is my favorite reality show. I don't care about Survivor or American Idol or The Bachelor, this is the game I want to play. I don't know why, but this game never gets tiring for me. There's always someone to root for, and someone to hate. And I can't wait to find out who those people will be.

That's just 3 shows, other shows I'm looking forward to: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Terra Nova, Private Practice, House, and Community. My desktop's going to crash looking at the list of future downloads. God help me!

Nope, no Glee or Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries for me anymore. Like what you've been saying about my last post, I've matured.


rudeboy said...

You read i09, don't you?



somelostboy said...

Not a fan of DC either, but I guess the revamp was too early. Oh well, here's to hoping DC gets better with gay heroes like Marvel.

The Good Wife is frackingtanstic.
The Walking Dead was good, but the grfnovel is so much better. You should read it!

Skron said...

Hey, I didn't know this blog still existed. I thought you had this thing buried after you came out.

But I like this blog...more geeky.

Oh...For Fall TV. Just two things for me:

1. Person of Interest - Directed by JJ Abrams and written by Johnathan Nolan (writer of The Dark Knight, brother of Christopher Nolan). Enough Said.

2. Beavis and Butthead!