Wednesday, August 24, 2011


When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I often listen to these more mature people airing their opinions on current events and politics. I always thought those matters are for old people.

News, politics, current events, I always thought that these are things that only adults would give a damn about. I was, no I am a pop culture guy. I care about the latest video games, the most popular comic books, the best movies.

I don't know what happened, but things changed.

A few hours ago, I found myself composing a reply to a fellow blogger who aired his opinion regarding the issue between the President and the victims of last year's hostage crisis. And then, I saw my last post, and it was about my reaction to the facebook message pitting the Philippine Azkals against the Philippine Dragonboat Team.

A couple of years ago, I wouldn't even read those kinds of articles. I'd rather waste my time finding out what to look forward to in upcoming episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I'd only listen or watch the news to find out which actor switches to which network.

I still do.

But I also am getting interested in real news. I want to know the truth behind the former first gentleman's helicopters. I need to find out when the doctors will botch Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo's operation and kill her. Heck, I'm even having an opinion regarding divorce and the RH Bill. I'm even buying newspaper every other day.

Clearly, this is a sign of aging.


the green breaker said...

If it is a sign of aging, then I'm aging fast?

My siblings would always hate me because I always hit news channels. I've never been so hungry for news, information. I wonder.

Kane said...

But there are others who are aging and still don't care.

Perhaps it's a sign of something else.

Seth said...

As for me, I simply stopped watching TV, I read the paper whenever I get the chance. Most of my time is spent online for the past couple of years. I simply didn't feel good about hearing such chaotic news and crimes and unfortunate events. Makes me feel like each time I step out my home, something bad will happen. It doesn't. People outside are still smiling, going about their business. Heading to and from work.

Perhaps knowing whats happening about the world is half the battle. I'd rather go out there and do something about it instead.

Anonymous said...

perhaps, a different kind of 'progressive' idea, kane? :D


Anonymous said...

you? signs of aging? i sayeth naught :)

i think you just wanted to be updated with what is happening yo your environment, you are just getting more concerned :) better put it that way eh?


Puzzie said...

getting more mature is the correct statement.

Charles said...

just try to eat your breakfast at jollibee na lang. that way, free newspaper ka.

citybuoy said...

You say aging, I saw maturity. Ayaw mo nun? ;)