Wednesday, August 17, 2011


PH Azkals: 0 Golds, 0 trophies, 5 TV ads, 20% Pinoy
PH Dragonboat Team: 5 Golds, 0 commercials, 90% Pinoy

PH Azkals: With Sponsors
PH Dragonboat Team: Inutang at KKB Pamasahe.

PH Azkals: Complete Outfit
PH Dragonboat Team: Nanghiram pa ng sagwan sa Kalaban

Sasagwan ka ba sa KARANGALAN o Sisipa sa PAPOGIAN?

Spread the Word!!!

This was one of the facebook stats that I read on my way to work today.

Honestly, I find that statement off and foul.

I was supposed to comment on that status as it is asking to have people repost this, but the internet connection on my blackberry was off so my message did not push through. So I thought I'd just write my litany about this in my blog.

I am no sports fan. So news about the Philippine Azkals and our Philippine Dragonboat Team is not such a big deal for me. From what I gather from news clips I see before I sleep or before I go to work, that all our athletes don't get the support that they deserve from our government. That much I clearly understand.

The status above is actually a good move. I agree, that the Philippine Dragonboat Team did not get the support they deserve. Heck, if they did not break records and win gold we'd still not hear about this team. So it's just right that these athletes, these players enjoy the attention they're getting right now. And this is the right time to show the government, the people that they NEED support financially from our government.

But what's off for me is that they are compared with other athletes, specifically the Azkals. I am no fan of the team (of any sports really). While I do find alot of their players attractive and sexy and yummy, it does not affect my opinion-making.

Whoever started the above statement, clearly have no understanding of sports. I took soccer in PE when I was in college and let me tell you, soccer/football is not an easy sport. The fact that those players got to where they got, even if they lost, is a big thing for the country. They were underdogs. Yes, they did not win alot of games. Yes they did not get to the World Cup. But that does not discount the fact that they worked their asses off to get to where they got. So I think they still deserve respect.

Don't get me wrong, I am PROUD of our Philippine Dragonboat Team. And I agree that they really need to get more support not just from our government but from people who can. But I don't agree that these people need to be compared with other athletes. This is probably the reason this country's not progressing.

Let's just be happy that these rowers, and football players, and boxers, regardless of the crap they're getting from us, still want to carry our country's name.


Puzzie said...

the philippine sports commission is the one to blame here for what happened to the dragon boat team.

and i agree with you, the statements above are foul.

do they even know how difficult it is to score in football? much more to reach a slot for the world cup?

one should expect the Azkals to be composed of 20% Pinoys ... for the simple reason that the sport is really not that well known in our country as compared to basketball.

Anonymous said...

Long before I came in the UK Azkals is nowhere near in my consciousness.

But Seriously?! How can we have a Philippine football team consists of foreigners???

Anyway, I was only a fan of football during world cup and that's it. And can quite tell how hard it is to make a goal, so it's totally not fair to compare them to other team.

However, I dont care how pretty good looking they are, they probably still need hardcore training..

lonewolf said...

Di lang gobyerno ang di pumapansin sa kanila pati mga media. Di kasi mga tisoy at half breed ang members kaya ganun. Puro hype lang naman yang azkals na yan kasi mga half breed alam mo naman ang pinoy mahilig sa inglesero at tisoy look at PBA puro foreigners din

joelmcvie said...
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joelmcvie said...

The viral "repost" is so unsportsmanlike in its message. It concludes that support should favor only those who win, which is not what sports is all about.

joelmcvie said...

By the way, because of the points you raised here, I also added a final point in my blog post, hahaha. Thanks! =)