Thursday, June 30, 2011


We all dream of a fairy tale love story.

The magic. The prince to sweep us off our feet.

We envy those whose love stories seemed like they were meant for classic literature. And we look for ones ourselves.

And sometimes that's what's wrong with us.

We expect our love story to be this epic fairy tale. About impossible odds that love will conquer. That anything less than grand is unacceptable. Sometimes we let go of good people just because our story was simple. Not worth telling.

But love stories aren't always grand.

They won't always be perfect.

And oftentimes, they are not true.

The only time it will feel real, that it will feel epic, that it will be perfect, it's when you know that you're with the one. You could meet that person on a chatroom, in one of your commutes, a friend of a friend, and it would not matter how your love story goes. What's important is you have a love story.

And that it is true.

That is a fairy tale.


^travis said...

sometimes it is too late in the game when people realize that they are only "in-love" with the idea of love...sad.

dropped by and followed.

Nishiboy said...

many of my PLU friends actually don't believe in fairy tale love stories. heck, they don't even believe in love.

doc ced said...

i'll admit i used to believe in it, but from what happened, now i refused to and maybe it's not for everyone.

kaloy said...

Being the fairies that we are, we are experts on fairy tales or the lack thereof... But im pretty sure we have got a lot fairy dusts up our sleeves to spread the love... Ching! Here's to the illusive and elusive Prince Eric!

Nicos said...

I always believe in fairytale love stories... and i will always believe even they end in pain.

Xian Garvida said...

i agree with nicos...maybe the painful ending is the beginning of a happily ever after.. :) i will still believe in fairy tale love stories... :))

the geek said...

this post reminded me why i followed your blog then... :)

rudeboy said...

Well done, engel.

citybuoy said...

i blame it on disney. they screwed us all up.