Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I feel that I've been outdated in the pink blog universe. Well, it's more of the general blog universe. It's like everyone's moved on except for me. People are now in relationships, people have broken up. People are happier. Gay people are getting married. And there are those who've given up. Oh, and there are all those new people writing their hearts out.

Where have I been when all that happened?

I don't know most of the people that I read anymore. And those I know, I can't find them. Their blogs are either closed or in private (yes it's you Iurico!!!).

I know the relationship's got me sidetracked from my blog life. And it's fine. It's all good. It's just sometimes when I'm having my me-time, I'd like to be somewhere familiar. And lately, it seems that the blog world isn't a place I recognize anymore.

I know you're probably sick and tired of reading about Engel's blossoming lovelife. It's status quo as of writing and I think that's not going to change anytime soon. But assuming you're interested, let me update you on what's going in the other aspects of my life.

  • There have been a few opportunities that have come my way recently, career-wise that I'm thinking of. I've been semi-promoted as an assistant lead for my team and am considering whether to take another step forward in my career ladder. Only hindrance is the panel business presentation required to move on. I'm no good in panel interviews. Scares the shit out of me.

  • It's been awhile since I last met a new friend/acquaintance. I haven't been socializing very much these days. Financial reasons mostly. I blame promotion. Higher income means higher taxes. Unfortunately, my new pay just crossed the new tax bracket. That basically means I'm earning less than I did when I wasn't promoted yet. My money's just enough to cover my bills and dates with the Kid.

  • On the plus side of the above, less money means I have less budget on food. Meaning no more unscheduled pizza delivery orders. No more budget to buy cake and ice cream when I'm craving. Long story short, I've lost weight. I'm practically fulfilling my lone goal for the year. Now if I could only find the energy, time and inspiration to go back to the gym.


Before I forget, let me just give my belated greetings to a few of my blog friends.

KANE - I hope you enjoyed your birthday last weekend. My apologies for the late greeting. I know I've already said my excuse, but that's not enough after everything you've done the past year for me. Sincerely, thank you for being a good friend.

ALTERJAHN - Belated happy birthday to you as well. I will never forget what you gave me the day we met. I may not know what that food is called, but it was the thought that I'll always remember.

GEEK - Belated happy birthday to you as well. I appreciate the regular visit even if it's done very rarely these days.


citybuoy said...

congrats on the promotion! i hear ya on the tax bracket thing. it's a super bitch.

Spiral Prince said...

Congrats, Engel. :)

Kane said...

Oh my!! I'm happy for you Engel. Looks like you just might have it all.

A boyfriend, a promotion, and you're losing weight! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Unfairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

Hahahaha. Na miss kita bigla. Date tayo with your boyfriend soon. =)


Anonymous said...

this is the first thing that made me smile this morning, engel.

i am touched actually, that of the three, i am still someone you have to meet, well, personally but you gave geek some space on your space.

thank you. things are going well with you. :)


Clarence said...

dapat un mga big taxpayers exempted na from paying the VAT on food, shopping items and so on and so forth..para ok lang mag retail theraphy ;)

Peter said...

Sana you won't be one of those missed in the blogsphere. All the best.