Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AT 29

Engel's been having a hard time finding an inspiration to write the last few months. It seems that the name of the blog has been justified. Much has been said.

But while browsing some of the online journals that he started to follow recently, it occured to him that he's already 29. A few months more and he'll be turning the big three oh!!

He doesn't really much care about the number. Truth is, it's been said that he'd been looking forward to hitting thirty. He does not get why this is a big issue with other people. From his experience it's just another day. Another number.

Engel does get some of the concerns though. There are people who plan things and get nervous because they still are far from reaching their goals. There are those who expect to have a family before they turn that age and are now scared it may not happen. And of course, there are also alot of people who wants to be successful before they turn thirty. Engel was once one of those.

A few moments ago, he actually wanted to write a plan on things he wants to do, things he needs to accomplish in the next eight months before he turns thirty.

But then he realized why he stopped doing those. Life gets in the way of people's plans.

Engel is happy now.

Why complicate things.

They say, people should think of the long term. It's valid. People should prepare for the future. One never knows what will happen.

Honestly, the only thing Engel's been preparing for is his death. He does not want to inconvenience those he will leave behind with the burden of his death. But other than that, he's fine.

Right now, he only thinks of the present. And why not, he's having fun. He's not alone. He is happy.

Are there things he wish he has but hadn't got? Yes.

But there's still time.

They say that no one really knows when your time's up.

But for Engel, he'd rather die happy than worried.

This is how Engel views life at age 29. Although there is a certainty that things will change.


Learning Lito said...

Every hour wounds, the last one is fatal.

-American Gods

Let this serenity reign on. Advance happy new year to you, Engel. :)

rah said...

Hakuna Matata: no worries for the rest of your day - lion king.

Easier said than done. 30s Believe me, in turns me nuts. there's so much to worry about... mortgage, loans, insurance, the future. iT wasn't supposed to be this way.

lonewolf said...

age is just a number. whats important is that your happy and contented on your life

V1nC3 said...

"Age doesn't matter, happiness does, and as long as you have happiness you can forget how old you are"

rudeboy said...

The present is all we ever truly have, engel.

Nothing wrong living in it.

^travis said...

new follower here. your post reminded me of Kalidasa's poem:

Look to this day:
For it is life, the very life of life.
In its brief course
Lie all the verities and realities of your existence.
The bliss of growth,
The glory of action,
The splendour of achievement
Are but experiences of time.

kaloy said...

funny how we try to look at our lives in the third person perspective - its as if other people have the better view... and funny too that its true - others have the better view of our lives... so lets give them one hell of a show! here's to living the present and the anticipation of death!

Peter said...

Regardless, happy birthday.