Friday, January 28, 2011


Allow me to rant for a bit.

I’m pissed off that the chicken patty in the crispy chicken sandwich at McDonald’s is only half the size of the bun. Same goes for their Sausage McMuffin. They’re charging us higher than other fast food chains but they’re serving us less.

Same goes for their Chicken Meals. Mini Stop has bigger chickens than McDonald’s. And Mini Stop charges less.

I am disappointed someone borrowed a couple of my posts on their blog and did not at least mention me as the source of their entry.

I am majorly pissed off at Globe Broadband for their really poor service. Specifically on Wimax. I’ve had their maintenance people come over our house three times this week alone to have it fixed. I shouldn’t have let them replace my modem in the first place as I didn’t have problems connecting to the internet back then. Your service sucks Globe Broadband!!!

I’m kinda mad at the IT department in our office because they turned off wifi access in the office. I’ve only been able to enjoy my Blackberry’s internet features for only a couple of days. You semi-suck IT department!!!

I’m disappointed at UA&P for giving their students too much schoolwork. My parents are away for the weekend yet I won’t be able to spend my time with the Kid because he’s busy finishing projects and make-up classes.



I’m fine now.


Nimmy said...

whew! napagod ako basahin. hehee

mabuti okay ka na. happy friday! :D

Kane said...

... Maybe you shouldn't be eating at fast foods =)


kaloy said...

look on the bright side - uhmmm... uhmmm... well... basta look at the bright side. ;p

Chingoy said...

yup, inhale exhale lang katapat nyan :)

Clarence said...

have you tried the KFC no-bun thingy? I did, and I was surprised that I missed the bun/bread afterall. I remember eating around the burger saving the patty for last. Makes eating hamburgers and hotdog sandwiches an experience coz of the anticipation of eating the patty/hotdog once you've finished eating the portions without the "palaman"

Carlo said...

galit sa mundo engel? hehe

Sean said...

haha ang laki ng galit. tingin ko yung huli ang lalong naka-stoke diyan hehe. tama nga yan. inhale... exhale...

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

it's okay engel. we all have our moments.

i'm a little concerned with the person who "borrowed" your post. maybe you should do something about it.