Tuesday, January 11, 2011


“I want to talk to you, but when you’re there, I don’t know what to say anymore.”

“Don’t be clingy.”

“I just want you to be malambing.”

“I wouldn’t want you to be mature if that means you’d lose the things I love about you.”

“Last night, I was so angry that I could have broken up with you.”

“You don’t know me.”

“I wouldn’t be patient for you all the time.”

“Talk to me when you don’t have tantrums anymore.”

“Do you still love me?” “I don’t know.”

“Stop saying sorry if you’re still going to do it.”

“I’m getting tired.”

“Do you want to cool off?”

That’s how the Kid and I are when we fight. But none of us wants to give up. More than anything I know we love each other. It hurts when you hear those words again in your head. I’m sure he feels the same way.

Everyone goes through this.

We’re fine.

I’m just writing this, because it only sank in that words when said, they hurt. I want to remember how much it does so I’ll be careful in saying them.


James - M.I. said...

I'm glad both of you are OK now Engel. :)

JasonPaul said...

kaya ako tahimik lang pag may away. pero nakakainis din daw yung ganun. ewan.

Nimmy said...

okay lang may conflict minsan para fun. hihi

canonista said...

Just hold on.

kaloy said...

i wonder if the world would hurt less if i were deaf... but then, i wouldn't have fallen in love with frank sinatra... hehehe... gusto ko yung sinabi mo tungkol sa pag-alala sa masasakit na salita - oks. ;p

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

it'll be okay..
as long as you loev each other, walang dapat ipangamba..


Sean said...

hay nakaka relate ako dito

Gaspard said...

wow...staying strong talaga!

you and your Kid will stay for sure of it...

more love to the both of you!

john stanley said...

keri lang yan, engel.

misunderstandings strengthen the bond.

susko, mas higit pa dyan ang nangyari sa amin ng asawa ko.

chillax lang.

Anonymous said...

di talaga maiiwasan yan. hindi kailanman maiiwasan yan...hay
okay lang po yan sir, naaayos naman po di ba? :)

Blakrabit said...

Relationship is tough work! It's a good thing that no matter what happens, both of you don't seem to want to give up! Cheers!