Tuesday, December 28, 2010

IN 2010

1. I met with bloggers that I’ve followed here and in my other home.
2. I started to become more spontaneous
3. I jerked off in the office comfort room
4. I flirted with a girl in Starbucks
5. I outed myself in my straight blog
6. I attempted and miserably failed to close this blog
7. I bought a Playstation 3
8. For the first time I went to a company Christmas Party
9. For the first time in my life, went to Star City
10. I celebrated my birthday thrice
11. I went to church more
12. I had more sex than I ever had in years
13. And it’s just with one person
14. I learned how to download stuff using torrent
15. I went to my high school classmate’s mini reunion and felt out of place
16. I transferred to another team at work for promotion
17. I lost weight
18. I gained more weight than I lost
19. I got myself a funeral plan
20. I chose to get cremated when I die
21. I almost bought a condominium unit near the airport
22. I spent the most amount this year on comics than any other year
23. I got hooked on The Walking Dead (paid 8000 to complete the series)
24. I changed my taste in comic books, more indie and less mainstream books
25. I had a dengue scare
26. For the first time went to a wedding of a good friend
27. I got my heart broken
28. And had those broken pieces fixed.

By the way, the Kid wanted to meet some of my friends online, so we thought since I'll be alone on the second weekend of the year why not have a little get together. It's going to be in my house in Parañaque. If anyone's interested to come, let me know. I just want to prove to him that I do have blog friends. :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010


What I got yesterday:

From The Kid: Spent the whole day with me on Christmas Day. And homemade Caldereta.
From Officemate: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson
From Balikbayan Neighbor: XXXL Hanes Grandpa Underwear (I'm not big dammit!!!)
From Grandma: CK One Gift Set (150ml CK One, moisturizer, body wash, and sampler)
From Blog Friend: DVD copy of Scream 3
From Myself: Complete Set of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman
From Myself: Blu-ray copy of Inception

Seeing what I got, I could not ask for more. Maybe the right sized underwear.

I hope you enjoyed Christmas this year. And advanced Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Some things you need to learn about me and Puerto Galera:
  • I have been to PG several times, and I've seen alot of gay people (they say it's the 2nd gay capital of the Philippines, next to Bed), but I've never really seen 'gay' people there. Like those who are not that out. I've only seen the trannies. It's the broken gaydar. I think I need to fix it. Not that I'm going to do anything with the knowledge. But it's nice to know.
  • The food I love to eat whenever I'm in Galera is their kebab. I love their pork kebabs. I love watching while their cooks grill them. I like watching one of the cooks. All sweaty and stuff.
  • Puerto Galera has been the source of alot of me and the kid's arguments. This has been long delayed. The original plan was to go there in October, during his sembreak. But it got pushed and pushed. The last fight we had was last week, because the kid squandered alot of his budget for our trip. Imagine my relief now that finally we got there.
  • December is off peak in Puerto Galera, but there still are a LOT and I mean a lot of good looking foreigners out there. Too bad with them are what my kid calls 'exotics'. I swear one of the women I saw there with a good looking foreigner looked like my neighbor's yaya.
  • When travelling via roro, avoid sitting next to or in front of a kid. They always end up vomiting.
  • If you stay in the water for too long, some fishies will come up to you to feast on dead skin cells on your feet. It's cheaper than what you pay for in the fish spa in Manila Ocean Park.
  • Whenever you go out of town, whether it be a beach, mountain or elsewhere, when you're with friends, it feels great. But when you go out and you're with someone you love, it'll be unforgettable.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Engel is not really difficult to please. He’s really easy. So easy, he’s like a man-whore.

These are the things that make him smile.

Army Navy Freedom Fries and Cheese Quesadilla
Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut
James Morrison and Jon Mclaughlin songs
Starbucks Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha
Video Games
A sweet text from The Kid
Any kind of text message from his friends
Oishi Caramel Popcorn and Jack & Jill Piattos
New blog comments (even those from anonymous commentors who disagree with him)

See, he’s not that hard to please. Is he?

Friday, December 10, 2010


My gaydar is busted. I don’t think mine ever works. I’m always surprised whenever someone comes out of the closet. Knowing that, I can’t sniff out people like us, unless they’re really out. But sometimes my ears wander, and the things I hear make me suspicious if the people who utter them are really straight or not. Or maybe I’m just malicious.

While in the FX:
Hunky PATTS Student 1: Napanuod ko kagabi si Jewel Mische, ang ganda niya ngayon pre.
PATTS Student 2: Yung sa TV Patrol ba yun? Sa channel 2 na daw siya?
HPS1: Oo. Ewan ko ba, mas maganda talaga siya ngayon.
PS2: Lahat naman ng lumilipat sa 2, gumaganda.
HPS1: Oo nga no, si Karylle. Ka-love team niya ngayon si Gerald
PS2: Ows? Ano na nangyari sa kanila ni Kim Chiu?
HPS1: Hiwalay sila.
PS2: Ah talaga? Sayang naman.
HPS1: Bakit pre, Kimerald ka ba?
PS2: Di no!!! Bea – John Lloyd to. Solid!!!
HPS1: hahaha. Ako Bea – Sarah.

Another instance in the FX:
Girlfriend: Bakit di mo sinasagot yung tawag ko kanina?
Boyfriend: Nanunuod ako ng Glee (this was I think a couple of weeks ago, the wedding episode).

And lastly, a few weeks ago at a colleague’s videoke party:
Cute Guy: (sings Too Many Walls)
Me: Is that guy gay?
Colleague: No. He’s straight. He just likes to sing 80’s songs.
Me: Ahhhhhh. Cool.

I’m confused.

Or disappointed.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If there’s one thing that Engel is not comfortable in, it’s dealing with exes. As much as possible he does not want to be dealing with them. They’re bitter. They compete. They remind you of your past mistakes.

Last Sunday, Engel went to Marikina to meet up with his old friends when lo and behold the first person to greet him in the city is the one person he wants to be avoiding. Cedric, the good time guy.

Cedric was the subordinate when Engel was still a Supervisor. They would sneak off in the middle of the shift to make out in his apartment. He was the ex, who was just all about the sex. Well, to be honest, the sex was great. But he also made Engel one of his male mistresses. Engel was number three. So it did not work out. Now, the good time guy is an indie film actor.

He was with number one. When their eyes met, the good time guy’s eyes widened. It could be surprise. Or shock. He certainly did not expect to bump into Engel that day.

Engel can only say hi. And fake a smile.

The ex greeted him. It was an awkward moment. Engel noticed the ex immediately grabbed his current’s hand. The ex mouthed ‘my boyfriend’ to Engel while pointing at the current.

Engel nodded.

Out of nowhere, the ex grabbed his current’s face and gave him a wet one. Then they left.

Okay, Engel thought. That was mature. It immediately reminded him how bad the relationship was. As awesome as the sex was, the relationship was equally bad.

Engel smirked. In his mind, he felt bad for the current. He was old, bald, and Engel is pretty sure that Cedric’s cheating on him. Thank God, Engel’s grown up and chose better.



Can’t live with them.

And they just won’t go away.

But then again, Engel is somebody's ex too.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Tis the season of emoness, depression and suicidal tendencies... It’s Christmas once again!!!

This would be the second holiday season I’d be spending as a half of a couple, my first time as an adult. I really have a lot to say about it, but I think the few people who still find time to read my blog, amongst the hundreds of brilliant personal blogs these days, are already getting sick of my posting cheesy write-ups.

If there’s one thing I’m proud about my blogs, it’s that I rarely post emo crap in it. I’m not a big fan of emo posts. Unless I know the writer personally, I have low tolerance on depressing things. I’m a believer that there are better things to do to overcome it than just writing about it.

It’s fine writing one every once in awhile. But NOT. Every. Fucking. Time.

My take on that, is these people don’t know how to appreciate the little good things in life. It’s really pathetic. That’s why I hate it when I write these kinds of posts.

This post was supposed to be about positivity. I got carried away on my intro. When the year started, one of my resolutions for 2010 is to change perspective in some aspects of life. A positive outlook does great things. Pragmatists might find it a big load of crap. But if you truly believe in it, eventually these become truths.

Anyway, I think a great number of people who get depressed during the holiday season are those who are still single. Or the poor. Oh, and at least for this year, the people near Mt. Bulusan. So before I move away again from what I’m supposed to write here’s my point: nothing’s going to happen if you’re too pessimistic. You have to do something.

At the very least change how you view things.

· Say if you’re single, at least you’ll have more budget for yourself.
· Or at least no one’s going to force you to watch that cheesy Filipino film entry in the filmfest.
· And you can flirt with others without worrying of being called a cheating whore. Just a whore.
· For those who don’t have money, think of it this way, at least you can finally start the diet you’ve been promising to start a few years ago.
· Or since you’ll be stuck at home, you can now start bonding with your family.
· Or at least you can make your own gift to give to others, and tell them as simple as it is, it came from the heart.
· If you’re disagreeing with your parents, think of it as an opportunity for you to finally become independent.

Again, my point is to stop sulking and complaining. Do something about it.