Sunday, December 26, 2010


What I got yesterday:

From The Kid: Spent the whole day with me on Christmas Day. And homemade Caldereta.
From Officemate: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson
From Balikbayan Neighbor: XXXL Hanes Grandpa Underwear (I'm not big dammit!!!)
From Grandma: CK One Gift Set (150ml CK One, moisturizer, body wash, and sampler)
From Blog Friend: DVD copy of Scream 3
From Myself: Complete Set of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman
From Myself: Blu-ray copy of Inception

Seeing what I got, I could not ask for more. Maybe the right sized underwear.

I hope you enjoyed Christmas this year. And advanced Happy New Year to everyone!!!


Nielz said...

I hope you enjoyed yours too! Sana naging meaningful Christmas mo. :D

Advance happy new year too, wag magpaputok. lol. :P

V1nC3 said...

Happy Holidays!!! =)

Will said...

Wow, Blu-ray ng inception! Astig.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

The Chemistry Guy said...

I want that Caldereta and The Walking Dead! :)

ash said...

Merry christmas engel and to your kid! Masikip pala ang xxxl? Haha

MAKMAK said...

Gift ko?! Haha. :)

Carlo said...

so bukod sa infamous, ipapahiram mo din sakin ang bluray ng inception ah? hehe

wanderingcommuter said...

happy hokidays engel! enjoy your gifts! hehehe

Kyle Cee said...

merry christmas and happy new year po sir...

engel said...

Kyle Cee: Happy Holidays din sir!!!

Ewwik: I did. Happy holidays din. Gift ko? :P

carlo: infamous na lang. hehehe. di ko pa napapanuod lahat ng bonus material. :D

makmak: gift ko sa'yo is lagi kitang sasamahan magsimba pag free ka ng thursday. :)

ash: happy holidays kuya ash!!! it's been a long time! missed you. :)

chemistry guy: ubos na. hihihi :)

will: merry christmas and happy new year din will! :)

vince: and to you as well. :)

nielz: walang paputok. wala na pera pambili. :(

Carlo said...

eh sakin anong regalo mo ha? haha

JM said...

Ayos na gift yang Inception for urself. Get ur friends to watch it with u :)