Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Some things you need to learn about me and Puerto Galera:
  • I have been to PG several times, and I've seen alot of gay people (they say it's the 2nd gay capital of the Philippines, next to Bed), but I've never really seen 'gay' people there. Like those who are not that out. I've only seen the trannies. It's the broken gaydar. I think I need to fix it. Not that I'm going to do anything with the knowledge. But it's nice to know.
  • The food I love to eat whenever I'm in Galera is their kebab. I love their pork kebabs. I love watching while their cooks grill them. I like watching one of the cooks. All sweaty and stuff.
  • Puerto Galera has been the source of alot of me and the kid's arguments. This has been long delayed. The original plan was to go there in October, during his sembreak. But it got pushed and pushed. The last fight we had was last week, because the kid squandered alot of his budget for our trip. Imagine my relief now that finally we got there.
  • December is off peak in Puerto Galera, but there still are a LOT and I mean a lot of good looking foreigners out there. Too bad with them are what my kid calls 'exotics'. I swear one of the women I saw there with a good looking foreigner looked like my neighbor's yaya.
  • When travelling via roro, avoid sitting next to or in front of a kid. They always end up vomiting.
  • If you stay in the water for too long, some fishies will come up to you to feast on dead skin cells on your feet. It's cheaper than what you pay for in the fish spa in Manila Ocean Park.
  • Whenever you go out of town, whether it be a beach, mountain or elsewhere, when you're with friends, it feels great. But when you go out and you're with someone you love, it'll be unforgettable.


The Chemistry Guy said...

the only condom-infested shoreline in the world.

try to dig like a dog and for sure you'll find one :)

Ryt said...

I agree with the last tip :)

Yj said...

yun oh! wala pang pasko at bagong taon eh ang saya saya na... yaiy

Ex Jason said...

aw, never been there. but my friends and i are planning to go there on feb. i hope it's off-peak then too.

Anonymous said...

i had fun. thanks a lot! :)

Kane said...

Kahit saan nga, kahit hindi out of town pagkasama mo ang mahal mo, masaya talaga. =)


Kamusta ang sex on the beach>?


Peter said...

Christmas at PG? Happy holidays to you and to the kid.

Anonymous said...

ooh, this post seemed so... matter of fact? but when you got to the last part, so sweet. sweeter still that the kid posted a comment just to say thank you. merry christmas to the both of you

engel said...

mark: Happy new year mark. we had so much fun during the holidays.

peter: christmas was done mall hopping. :)

kane: di sa beach. sa room lang. :P

Kid: i'm glad to know you had fun. we'll do this again. :)

engel said...

jason: you'll have fun. go there during the holy week. para mas masaya. :)

yj: ganun talaga. :D

ryt: thank you.

chemist: walang tao nun. thank god di namin naranasan yun. :)