Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If there’s one thing that Engel is not comfortable in, it’s dealing with exes. As much as possible he does not want to be dealing with them. They’re bitter. They compete. They remind you of your past mistakes.

Last Sunday, Engel went to Marikina to meet up with his old friends when lo and behold the first person to greet him in the city is the one person he wants to be avoiding. Cedric, the good time guy.

Cedric was the subordinate when Engel was still a Supervisor. They would sneak off in the middle of the shift to make out in his apartment. He was the ex, who was just all about the sex. Well, to be honest, the sex was great. But he also made Engel one of his male mistresses. Engel was number three. So it did not work out. Now, the good time guy is an indie film actor.

He was with number one. When their eyes met, the good time guy’s eyes widened. It could be surprise. Or shock. He certainly did not expect to bump into Engel that day.

Engel can only say hi. And fake a smile.

The ex greeted him. It was an awkward moment. Engel noticed the ex immediately grabbed his current’s hand. The ex mouthed ‘my boyfriend’ to Engel while pointing at the current.

Engel nodded.

Out of nowhere, the ex grabbed his current’s face and gave him a wet one. Then they left.

Okay, Engel thought. That was mature. It immediately reminded him how bad the relationship was. As awesome as the sex was, the relationship was equally bad.

Engel smirked. In his mind, he felt bad for the current. He was old, bald, and Engel is pretty sure that Cedric’s cheating on him. Thank God, Engel’s grown up and chose better.



Can’t live with them.

And they just won’t go away.

But then again, Engel is somebody's ex too.


Anonymous said...

don't you think you're the one who is bitter than your exes? i pity you bro.

engel said...

you're too affected chief. don't be. i'm not. :)

Nielz said...

PATAYIN ANG MGA BWAKANANG INANG EXES!! nyahahaha! ako din. i'll never be friends with my exes. bakit ako makikipagkaibigan sa isang taong sinaktan ako? friends don't hurt friends.

Désolé Boy said...

tsk tsk! adding insult to injury yung hayup na yan eh.
kung ako yan hindi sa mukha ng boyfriend nya dumapo yung nguso nya kundi sa kalsada, hehe.

Kane said...

Engel naman.

"He was old, bald, and Engel is pretty sure that Cedric’s cheating on him."

While some people don't change, some do. Sometimes, we're not the same person we used to be with our exes.

Like you. You are different now from the Engel you used to be. Or... maybe not.


Anonymous said...

They’re bitter. They compete. They remind you of your past mistakes.

really? and you are not affected?

anonymous is right. you are a pity.

engel said...

anonymous: yeah maybe you're right. i have issues with that guy. but it's over. and he's fine. i'm fine. peace kami nun.

thanks for voicing out your opinion though. :)

kane: i always like talking to you. you make sense out of things. salamat. i loved our conversation just now. :)

desole: yeah. move on na. ganun naman dapat.

nielz: civil naman ako with my exes.

iurico said...

kaloka.Ilang araw lang ako nawala sa blogosperyo, may ganitong convo na sa comment's section?!Kalurka!

Sana after the wet kiss, sinabi mo, "you still dont know how to kiss..." Charos! Baka ako naman balikan ni anonymous.haha peace ako sa lahat.

Gaspard said...
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Gaspard said...

i like seeing my exes... i dunno why...maybe because i remember good stuff? i dont really remember the bad stuff they did to i write them down...LOL...but it sure is nice to still meet them and look straight into their eyes and smile like there's a funny joke that only the two of you know...

and its also nice when you see them still bitter and sad...unlucky that they dont have me anymore...HAHAHHAAHH! (evil laugh)

Anonymous said...

if you really moved on, you should not be writing this and seems like you're telling us how ungrateful your relationship was. didn't you enjoy the days you've been with him even though you're only a third party? there was a time that i really don't want seeing my exes and i admitted that i have not yet moved on before. and today, i'm fine seeing them kahit na hindi maganda ang pagsasama namin in the end. i think, di ka pa talaga nakapag-move on and ikaw ang mukhang bitter dito. peace!

-anonymous 3

Rah said...

Past is past. Bygones. I'm sure, kahit papano, meron din naman kayong good at fun moments together ng ex mo,yun nga lang, hindi nagwork out. The good news is, you're free, makakahanap ka ng bago.

Anonymous said...

but sometimes better parin yung okay kayo ng ex mo in the end. hindi man ngayon pero darating din yung araw na ookay ang lahat. okay lang maging bitter, lahat naman nadaan dyan. pero syempre masama naman kung forever ka nalang bitter sa isang tao. :)

Jayvie said...

bakit nagsusulputan ang mga ex-convict pag malapit na ang Pasko! at may bitbit pang leprechaun! hihi

engel said...

jayvie: leprechaun talaga!! hay naku, ayaw ko na magcomment baka may magreact pa. :P

kyle cee: wala naman kaming problema ni ex. siguro i wouldn't react like this kung di niya ginawa yun. :D

rah: naku, di nako naghahanap.:D

anonymous: ok. thank you.

gaspard: teka, ikaw yata yung nakita kong ex ko. kidding!!

iurico: naku, wag na nga. peace lang. hayaan na natin silang mga anonymous. that's where they're happy. it's the christmas season. :)

Guyrony said...

He used to be your world too.


Someday people will just look at those moments as if they were in a tragic play.

Albeit in a standing ovation one.

Ex Jason said...

andaming anonymous. lol.

exes don't go away because there's no need to. exes don't care, so they stay right where they are.

Yj said...

i'm not the one to talk... cause at this point i still wana punch my ex in the face... but then i also want to grab his face and kiss the hell out of him....


-ssf- said...


engel said...

ssf: hmmmm. welcome to my blog! :)

yj: let me think, if i have an ex i want to kiss the hell out of. hmmm.

ex jason: spoken like a true ex. :P

guyrony: good time guy. yeah. he was great.i have fond, albeit, steamy memories of the guy. :D