Friday, March 5, 2010


As promised: the answer to the questions from a few posts ago:

From John Stanley:
Anong nakita mo sa latest ex-partner mo?

- Okay. To be fair, when I was with my ex I really felt na minahal niya ako. Although it was a whirlwind relationship, I didn't feel that it was one. But the fact remains, mabilis yung nangyari. And merong mga bagay na I overlooked. That made me think it wasn't going to work out para sa akin. Now what I saw in my ex. It's not really what I saw but what I felt. Feeling ko naman sincere siya sa lahat ng sinabi niya. It's just that I was not the right guy for him. He deserves to love someone who loves him just as much as he gives.

From Rom (who does not have a blog... yet)
Sino iboboto mo pagka-pangulo engel?

- Good question. For sure hindi ko iboboto si Noynoy and si Villar (even if I'm from Las Piñas). I'm sure I'm minority for this, but I'm actually all for Richard Gordon. I know he's one of the more boring candidates because he tends to talk too much. But he's the one who oftentimes make sense. He's the candidate who has the best profile. If he'd only make his speeches short and sweet, and less nose bleed-y, baka may chance pa siya. And I'd fire the person responsible for the Silent Night ad that was released after Christmas. Mga nasayang na opportunity. Tsk.

And besides, it's you know... Dick.

From Mr. RF and Rudeboy
Ano yung 3 wishes na nakuha mo nung birthday mo? Where did you go and who were the bloggers you were with?

- A month ago, I wrote down a list of bloggers that I wanted to meet as a gift for my birthday. And last weekend, it happened. I met Ternie, Maxwell and Xtian. Idamay na rin natin si Lukayo and Johnny Cursive. They went to my place and had dinner. So yun lang. Konting inom, konting usap, konting x-box, nuod ng tv, some chismis about some bloggers, and I let them all pet my parrot. =)

From Jepoy Dacuycoy and Jay Quiambao
What's my number?

- Hmmmm. Jepoy you can ask for my number from Darc. I can't believe we're already YM friends but you've never asked for it yet. Hmp. As for Jay Q., I'm not really sure about giving away my number on a public site (even if it's posted on my facebook). But what I can say is that it's a globe number. The first 5 digits spells DATED (if your phone's not qwerty), and the last two digits are the same numbers. I love my cellphone number. Anyway, send me an email, or chat me up. If you're nice, I just might give it to you.

From Tim
Do you believe that you as a gentleman won't kiss and tell? You sure with this?

- Now that you mentioned it, this blog hasn't been a kiss and tell since I decided to not be anonymous anymore. That's the downpart of losing anonimity, because more people know you, we tend to not divulge more information anymore. It's more subdued. I was actually thinking of renaming this blog. Maybe if I think of something clever or if I cross upon a cool idiom, I'll change it. So yeah, I'm going to stay a gentleman, even if it's boring. Except maybe if I do something nasty on the remaining 9 spontaneous days. I guess.

From Domjulian
Can you name the unnamed from last posts?
Nope. I'm protecting the identity of those people in case everyone I personally know finds out about this blog. But I will tell you this much. Only three of those unnamed are bloggers. One is for an ex. One is for an ex-friend or friend-turned-acquaintance. Another one is for a really close friend and once-upon-a-time was the love of my life. And one for a former classmate who was a celebrity.

Thanks for the questions guys. We'll do this again another time.

Enjoy a drama-free weekend everyone!!!