Wednesday, December 16, 2009


In order for us to be genuinely great friends, I think I need to learn how to not miss you.


Last night I was talking to my best friend, and he told me one thing that lightened up my shitty evening.

One of my most attractive straight best friends (he told me to say this, but it's true) has pigsa on his balls.

I know it's painful, but at least now I feel less crappy about my life. So thank you for sacrificing your balls and your pains for my happiness. You're really such an awesome bro!!!

Don't worry I'll never have fantasies about your perfect balls EVER again.

I love you my friend. Hahahaha.


anteros' dominion said...

isa sa pinakanagpapalungkot sa akin sa panahong ito ay ang alaala ng aking bestfriend

hirap ng mapalayo sa kanila, lalo na sa gitna ng panahong tulad nito na ang lahat ay nagsasaya

domjullian said...

sakit nun. tsaka hirap mag jack-o-lantern

rudeboy said...

*scratches his balls*

Ano uli yun, Junjun?

thecurioscat said...

hala dun pa talaga

Anonymous said...

Of all places, sa yagbols pa talaga.
Echoserang Pigsa... Badiday!


Rei Mikazuki said...

Mean ni engel. Ahihihi.

wanderingcommuter said...

tell him, i wouldn't mind. hahaha! just kidding.

Sonia said...

he's so funny...of all things to say.. :-) I like his candor. :-)

citybuoy said...

oh my goodness. how awful!

engel said...

citybuoy: yeah, it's awful. awfully funny!! kidding. he's still in pain.

sonia: he thanks sonia. =)

ewwik: he's from UP too, i think you two'll get along. =)

rei: di naman. grateful nga ako sa kanya eh. =)

m2mtripper: yup. tinanong ko nga ano pinaggagawa niya't nagkaroon siya ng pigsa dun.

curioscat: i know, right?

rudeboy: ewan ko sa'yo!!! =P

dumenec: i could just imagine.

anteros: ermmm i guess so.

Prince_Cloud said...

awww doon talaga nalagay ang pigsa. wawa

Yj said...

ay inunahan ka nung pigsa friend....

hahahahaha yeah, he's a great guy for doing that...

MakMak said...
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MakMak said...

Are we not allowed to miss our friends?

Does missing them automatically forgo the chance that we'll have a genuinely great relationship with them?

engel said...

makmak: because missing that friend means i still have feelings for him. it's difficult to explain now, but in time, i will.

yj: he is. kahit wala pa yung pigsa. =)

cloud: yup. sakit nga eh. kahit wala ako, ramdam ko. =D

Johnny Cursive said...

unimaginable. wah